Youthful Pink and White

Posted 2 May 2011 at 12:47 AM | Comments (3)

Aw, man! Not blogging for most of last month, I never got to post my April wedding inspiration board. It’s especially disappointing because I love this one so much. I took the most common wedding color, pink, but instead of florals and romance, it’s all about stripes and preppy sweetness. Even the refreshments—ice cream sundaes, big lollipops, and pink macarons—have an air of preppiness. Love!

Youthful Pink and White

3 Responses to Youthful Pink and White

  1. aryzha says:

    I absolutely love it!

  2. Mojan says:

    Thanks! Me too — it makes me want to get married again.

  3. […] point was some of my wedding inspiration boards. The two boards I really liked for her were Youthful Pink and White and Crisp Coral and White. We had a couple of back-and-forths about how to apply one of these color […]

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