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My friend, Leila (pronounced “Lee-la”), is one of those super-moms who, just by breathing, makes me feel insecure about my parenting skills. She’s also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so I can’t make a case that she’s trying to be amazing just so the rest of us frazzled moms feel like crap. Darn!

Did that make you laugh? Because I honestly just laughed out loud at myself.

Anyway, Leila is also an avid sewer, and makes clothing and other items for women and children from upcycled materials. She asked me to make a banner for her Etsy store and Facebook page, and with this first draft I was going for two mice (since she has two children) and an earthy, recycled look to reflect her philosophy.

Tinymouse Designs Web Banners

Looking back at this now, there’s so much more I’d like to do with it. I’d love to incorporate fabric, or stitching, and come up with a more graphic (rather than photographic) symbol that she can use on product tags. Now that she has moved her business to Indianapolis, we may just have to go back to the drawing board. Literally!

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