The Lake House Renovation: Kids’ Bedroom, Day 5

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We’re moving along slowly, but this has to be the most exciting bit of progress made so far. Remember how Matt the mason was cutting into our brick facade? It was to make way for this beautiful new window.

1959 Lakeside Ranch House: Kids' Bedroom, Renovation Day 5

Let’s compare to the original, shall we? Here is a photo I took of the house just after we bought it. The kids’ bedroom window was high and horizontal—very characteristic of ranch houses. We knew we had to enlarge the window to comply with egress codes, but I didn’t want to stray too far from the 1950’s ranch aesthetic.

1959 Lakeside Ranch House: Kids' Bedroom, Renovation Day 5

I did a ton of research. (I now know more about the architecture of ranch homes than I ever cared to know.) While it would have been more authentic to keep the window horizontal, it would have cost more money to make the window wider, since it would have required structural changes. So we could only enlarge downward.

Disappointed that we couldn’t keep the horizontal format, I went full steam ahead with an alternate detail that is characteristic of ranch houses—the casement window in the center with the horizontal grid lines on either side. It allowed me to keep some horizontal emphasis even though I couldn’t keep it all.

Then, Matt the mason used the original bricks to lay the sill.

1959 Lakeside Ranch House: Kids' Bedroom, Renovation Day 5

Doesn’t it look great?

The window is from the Andersen 100 series in a color called Terratone. It complies with egress codes, adds more character, and looks smashing against the brick. This felt like a huge step forward in our renovation. Drywall next.

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