Smart Logo for Building Websites and Databases

Posted 9 January 2019 at 9:54 AM | Comments (0)

My client came to me with a logo project that really stumped me initially. At the root of it, I didn’t understand exactly what it was they did: server administration, programming, development, database administration, data migration, user interfaces, and content workflow. Huh? It wasn’t until I understood their company that I was able to come up with a logo that well represented them.

To put it poetically, they do web and data “metamorphosis.” They take ideas, technical problems, and messy data, and they turn it into something well-organized and beautiful. They simplify complexity. When I asked what they envisioned for their logo, they said it should be smart, vibrant, and simple.

After some wrestling with these concepts, I came up with this symbol. (Sorry for the watermark.)

Smart Logo for Building Websites and Databases

We were finally on to something! After a couple of rounds of mediocre designs, this one felt right to all of us. The final logo is below.

Smart Logo for Building Websites and Databases

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