Simple Seashell Birth Announcement

Posted 1 February 2013 at 8:30 PM | Comments (2)

My clients were way too easy on me! I expected at least one round of revisions, but they were satisfied with this very first draft.

They had two requirements. First, since they had photographed three seashells in the sand for their pregnancy announcement, they wanted their baby’s birth announcement to echo that concept. Second, they really liked the idea of using blue in a feminine way.

So I came up with this concept: “Our little pearl has arrived.” Cute, right? To draw attention to the concept, I under-designed—which can be risky, since some clients don’t want any pixel left untouched.

It turns out that the risk paid off. The announcement was exactly what they wanted for their little pearl.

Simple Seashell Baby Girl Birth Announcement

*Names and details have been changed.

2 Responses to Simple Seashell Birth Announcement

  1. Heather says:

    Font names please!
    Is that Carolyna for the script?
    what about for “our little pearl”

  2. Mojan says:

    Yep, the script is Carolyna, and the rest of the text is Espinosa Nova.

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