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Posted 28 July 2010 at 1:08 PM | Comments (7)

I recently entered a logo-design contest for a new company in North Carolina that guides restoration of natural ecosystems and historic homes. Most of the other entries were flat, simple, abstracted—and many of them quite good. I didn’t think it made sense to give the company another abstracted option when they had so many good ones to choose from already, so instead I went a different route and designed a more detailed, illustrative logo.

When you know nothing about your client, it’s impossible to know what they’re looking for, but I was excited to give them an illustrated option that felt like a smart cross between traditional and modern—hello, “restoration!”—and perhaps even stand out in a sea of two-color logos.

Illustrated Logo for a Restoration Company

7 Responses to Restoration, Illustration

  1. Sholeh says:

    I love this design. Very sweet. And um, welcome back to blogging, I’ve been lonely without you. yay!!!

  2. Heather says:

    What did you use to create the logo? Did you paint it, or did you create it digitally?…And WHAT is that font? I need it.

  3. Mojan says:

    Heather, I “painted” it in Photoshop. And the font–great, huh?–is called Proletarsk.

  4. Big Sis says:

    Hey! So glad you are pro-blogging! 🙂 Did you win this contest?? 🙂

  5. Mojan says:

    Thank you; me too! The winner hasn’t been announced yet, but honestly, there were so many fantastic designs, it would be surprising.

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  7. Mojan says:

    Fredric, I really appreciate your feedback, thank you. I’m just starting out, but I definitely would like to see bigger things from this endeavor in the future. We’ll see; thank you for the encouragement!

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