Pillows for a Bold, Oversize-Floral Rug

Posted 11 July 2012 at 2:54 PM | Comments (0)

My friend, Heather, just bought this bold, floral rug from Overstock and a brown leather sectional. Now in the market for throw pillows, she came to me for advice.

I advised her against too many solid pillows, which can look blocky, and too many shiny fabrics/sequins, which, when overdone, can look cheap instead of glam.

Instead, I encouraged her to think contrast. An earthy or nubby pillow can look great against a soft, silky one; a stripe can look great against an ikat.

Also, I would steer clear of pillows with a bold, oversize-floral motif like the rug. The scale of the pillow patterns should contrast with the rug, not match it perfectly.

Something like this.

Mix and Match Throw Pillows with a Bold, Oversize Floral Rug

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