Lime and Taupe Living Room with Birch Tree Wallpaper

Posted 21 July 2012 at 8:35 PM | Comments (0)

Confession: For many reasons, I haven’t stopped thinking about birch-tree wallpaper since I wrote this post last December. So I finally decided to channel my obsession productively and create an inspiration board.

Lime and Taupe Living Room Inspiration Board with Birch Tree Wallpaper

It feels like a contemporary ode to the ‘70s with its organic shapes and earth tones, doesn’t it? So I added the sleek glass lamp and French Deco coffee table to keep it fresh, to avoid digging too far into that decade.

Alright, so I was hoping this inspiration board would get the birch-tree wallpaper out of my system, but it didn’t work; now I just want to create another one. What’s a girl gotta do to eliminate an unhealthy obsession? Make a wallpaper voodoo doll?

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