Glamorous Prison-Themed Living Room

Posted 3 January 2011 at 4:29 PM | Comments (3)


That’s the sound I’m making as my head slowly makes its way to the keyboard. I’m drained, with a capital D. For the past two-plus months, my angelic four month-old has decided he no longer needs to nap, at least not longer than twenty minutes. My sweet and gentle three year-old has decided he’s finally ready to enter the Terrible Twos and throws public tantrums every time we leave the apartment. So I feel trapped. Trapped at home, and trapped by motherhood.

I started thinking about my “prison” and chuckled when reimagining my living room to reflect my mental state. I could turn my prison into a prison! A glamorous one, of course, with wallpaper and patent leather.

Glamorous Prison-Themed Living Room

I love the jail-bars wallpaper; the stiff daybed; the table lamp with a pendulum that I could stare at blankly all day; the tough-as-nails ottoman; the rug that looks like it could have been swiped from a page in my journal; the shuffling slippers, and the haunting photo of Alcatraz island that reminds me…

it could be a whole lot worse.

3 Responses to Glamorous Prison-Themed Living Room

  1. Negeen Sobhani says:

    I love how you made lemonade even out of these lemons. 🙂 and I cant believe that I would actually enjoy being in a stark prison room. of course I would be decked out in a frilly pink robe and wearing every piece of jewelry I own… you know, for balance. 😉

  2. Sholeh says:

    ouch, sorry to hear that the little angels are temporarily little devils. Sending love to you!

  3. lacey says:

    Jail-chic! Hey if it helps I’m finding that parenting is one step forward, two steps back…but every little bit counts. Hang in there mama!

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