Shopping Diet: Five Months Down

Posted 31 January 2012 at 10:35 AM | Comments (2)

As of today I’ve officially made it through five months of my shopping diet. Hard to believe, not because it’s such a great accomplishment but because I still have seven months left. Are you kidding me? SEVEN more months? I feel like this has been going on for an eternity already!

Although I admit I feel like I cheated. A friend of mine hosted a clothing sale last week, and another friend noticed that I was coveting a pair of jeans and bought them for me. Isn’t that just too generous?! And then another friend sold me one of her brand-new Victoria’s Secret bras (buying undergarments and socks are acceptable if necessary) and then she threw in a dress for free (which is the item I really wanted). So now I have a new pair of jeans and a new dress and I’m feeling a bit guilty about it. Guilty, and giddy. Ha… ha?

Anyway, I may not be shopping, but I’m still gleaning plenty of late-winter style inspiration from my favorite retailers, like Kate Spade:

Kate Spade Signature Spade Jacket Lookbook January 2012

And J.Crew:

J.Crew Looks We Love Bubblegum Pink January 2012

And Anthropologie:

Anthropologie Catalog Looks January 2012

There’s plenty of drooling happening over here.

2 Responses to Shopping Diet: Five Months Down

  1. I say the generosity of friends doesn’t count as cheating!

    Also, love the inspiration you rounded up!

  2. Mojan says:

    Thanks, Jen! I actually just noticed that every example includes an outfit that’s pink with black-and-white stripes — time to give that combo a try!

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