Feeling Sorry for Myself

Posted 27 November 2011 at 9:17 AM | Comments (2)

I’m depressed. My closest friend moved back to Canada late last night. We hung out until the last possible minute (2:30 am) before she left for the airport, and I was left behind, standing in the street, a sobbing mess. And today I’m dragging around like a zombie. I don’t think anything could put me in a good mood right now.

Not even if I was wearing this Chris Benz dress:

Chris Benz Fall 2011 Tiered Floral Long-Sleeve Dress

Nor eating this grape and apple pie:

Grape and Apple Pie from Bon Appetit Magazine

Nor watching Hart of Dixie. Nor buying clothes (which I haven’t done in three months, by the way). Not even winning the lottery would rid me of this melancholy (er, wait, I take that back. If I’m ever going to win the lottery I need to put positive thoughts out in the universe! Right?)!

But seriously. Goodbyes are so hard! I think I’ve had enough of them. The good thing is that, based on experience, I know that I’ll eventually stop hurting and zombifying and fill my time with other things (see above list).

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