Favorites from the Oscars 2017

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This may be the first time in history that my three favorite award-show looks were all somewhat neutral. No eye-popping colors here, just drippingly exquisite metallics.

Academy Awards 2017 Red Carpet Fashion: Emma Stone, Olivia Culpo, Jessica Biel

Emma Stone. I admit that this woman rarely does wrong in my eyes. She commits to every look 100%, and she does it confidently and elegantly. Her red carpet looks are always interesting and edgy, yet beautiful and timeless. She is a fashion girl, that’s for sure. When the camera panned across her last night, for a moment I thought, “Oh no, Emma looks a little boring!” A second later I got a closer look and that oh no turned into dayum. How could I ever doubt her? She kills it every single time. The fact that the look is simple and not overdone is a bonus, and I’m embarrassed that I so quickly misjudged it.

Olivia Culpo. I really don’t know anything about this woman’s talents or acting credentials, but her look was killer. There was so much balance—sharp fringe on the dress, sharp fringe on her bangs; dark hair and dark clutch; delicate dress, delicate bow. I want to seriously congratulate her stylist on a job well done. I would also like to congratulate Olivia Culpo on something, but I don’t really know what to congratulate her on, other than being a total stunner at the Oscars.

Jessica Biel. This woman is so statuesque that I imagine her to be at least six feet tall. Take that body, that posture, and pour her into a gold gown? She might as well be the mascot of the night. (Or always.) I can’t get over that gorgeous Kaufman Franco gown and what an insane idea it was to pair it with that feathered necklace! That had to be the best fashion risk of the night. The whole look was so, so good that it hurts me a little bit. I need a minute…

Academy Awards 2017 Red Carpet Fashion: Ginnifer Goodwin, Dakota Johnson, Ruth Negga

Alright, I always like to make some honorable mentions, and crazy enough, all of my second favorites were like modern Victorian gowns. They are so modest for Hollywood, aren’t they? My feeling is that we’ve overdone bare skin, so the pendulum is swinging in the other direction. Fascinating idea, isn’t it? How far and how long will its reach go?

Ginnifer Goodwin. She is usually quite interesting on the red carpet and not afraid of taking risks. I thought the dress was awesome but would have liked to see something else in the styling; the—green?—earrings weren’t my favorite, and neither was the dark red clutch. Even the hair felt a bit too horizontal next to such a horizontally-inclined gown. I still thought she looked fantastic.

Dakota Johnson. I know some people hated this gown, but I thought it was so marvelous. (Who decided that a dress needs to be tight or bare to be acceptable? Anyone? Anyone? That’s what I thought…) From some angles, the dress looked too roomy, I know, but when it was right, it was really right. I just wanted to do something to her hair. Her long bangs and waves would have been great here.

Ruth Negga. Loved the dress, loved the color, love the woman. I also love that she stays true to her artist self when she dresses for the red carpet. Though I wasn’t a big fan of the headband or the earrings, overall it cast joy into my eyes. That’s what red carpet fashion is really about.

Cast joy into my eyes, people!

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