Facets of Faith Logo and Business Card

Posted 19 March 2011 at 8:45 PM | Comments (0)

Faith, a jewelry designer, got a fabulous birthday gift from her daughter. Sensing that her mom’s current logo (purchased from a customizable template) wasn’t capturing the essence of her jewelry designs, she wanted to give her a new logo. Great idea, right? So she put Faith and I in contact a couple of months ago, and we got down to business.

Her vision for her logo was amazingly comprehensive and poetic. Three words that she wanted to see evolve from her logo were nature, joy, and abundance. She wanted it to express the desire to put love into her creativity. She wanted it to incorporate nature, or perhaps the ocean. Oh, and use purple.

So here’s what I did.

Facets of Faith Handcrafted Jewelry Logo and Business Card Design

There were several logo options in the first round, but the imagery of this one was both strong and relevant. The swirl around the heart could symbolize a number of things—creative energy emanating from love; ocean ripples; the natural rhythm of giving and receiving, a concept important to my client; or an abstraction of her wire-wrapping techniques.

When we progressed to the business card, I wanted to build on those concepts even further. So I used as few straight edges as possible by enlarging a swirl for the background pattern and echoing its curves in some of the text. Then, by bringing in a third color, apple green, the design became energized, more fun, and less formal—traits echoed in Faith’s unique, nature-inspired jewelry designs.

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