Floral Pumps

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These babies make me want to wear shoulder pads.

And yet, even though they remind me so explicitly of the ‘80s, this is a trend that can be easily adapted to a modern wardrobe. Think pencil skirts, shifts, and Mad Men dresses.

Spring 2013 Fashion Trend: Floral Pumps

The Tabitha Simmons pair is my favorite. With its metallic-capped toe and pastel hues, they are the most edgy and up-to-date of the bunch. Plus, they would look so good next to bare summer legs!

Chunky-Mid-Heeled Ankle Boots

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Yesterday I mentioned wanting a pair of mid-heeled ankle boots. Lucky magazine described this fall trend best: “Polished, but not so polished you can’t rock them at a music festival.”

True dat.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: Chunky-Mid-Heeled Ankle Boots

High-Heeled, Lace-Up Ankle Boots

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It’s August! Which means even though I am still sweating my skin off, I feel justified in my enthusiasm for fall fashion.

My favorite fall fashion staple? Boots. But this year I’m way less excited about knee-high boots—why are they even still around? Aren’t designers tired of them yet? Because I sure am—and am way more excited about ankle boots.

Especially when they’re high-heeled and laced-up. Bee-oo-tee-full, even when they’re tough and rockery:

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: High-Heeled Lace-Up Tough Rocker Ankle Boots

Or wannabe outdoorsy:

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: High-Heeled Lace-Up Rugged Outdoorsy Ankle Boots

Or super-feminine new Victorian:

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: High-Heeled Lace-Up Feminine Victorian Ankle Boots

My favorite pair is the mulberry-colored Proenza Schouler, which I want to wear with everything, from maxi skirts to miniskirts, wide-leg pants to skinny jeans.

But as you know, I’m a girl who loves to live on a budget, so I’ll probably wait for the Aldo version of this trend.

I would never refuse a $700 gift, however. Just sayin’.

Ankle-Strap Platform Sandals

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While everyone else is still loving on their sky-high wedges, I want to look more high-fashiony in a pair of these. On my list.

Polyvore: Ankle-Strap Platform Sandals

Preppy, Candy-Colored Boat Shoes

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Boat shoes are chic again. My feet would be so happy in a pair of these!

Polyvore: Preppy, Candy-Colored Boat Shoes

Spring 2012 Runway Trend: Metallic Capped-Toe Shoes

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Ever since Louis Vuitton, Thakoon, and Yves Saint Laurent debuted metallic capped-toe shoes on spring 2012 runways:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Metallic Capped-Toe Shoes

others have been rushing to create their own versions:

Spring 2012 Fashion Trend: Metallic Capped-Toe Shoes

Lucky for those of us schlepping kids and diaper bags all day, there are many adorable flat options, too. Shopping listed!

The Perfect Shoe for Valentine’s Day

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Did anyone else notice the red and pink satin booties at the Kinder Aggugini spring 2012 show?

Kinder Aggugini Spring 2012 Runway Red and Pink Satin Booties

I wish I had more information on these beauties, but my research hasn’t turned up any valuable information. Ah well, we can still enjoy the visual treat, right? Happy Valentine’s Day!

Spring 2012 Runway Trend: The Two-Strap Sandal

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Those of you who are fashionably-informed have probably been yawning at my last three spring trends. Pleats, peplums—you’ve read about it on your favorite style blogs already.

Well, here’s one you haven’t read about. I’ve actually looked and looked, and as far as I know, no one else is talking about this one.

Seven Days of Spring Trends
The Two-Strap Sandal

Shown at Lanvin, Peter Som, and Alberta Ferretti:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Sandals with One Ankle Strap

Notice that these shoes have a single strap around the ankle and a single strap around the toes. They can have a skinny high-heel, as shown at Givenchy, Giambattista Valli, and Pucci:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Stilettos with One Ankle Strap

Or a wedge heel, as shown at Derek Lam, DKNY, and Carolina Herrera:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Wedge Sandals with One Ankle Strap

Or even a thicker strap at the ankle, as shown at Ports 1961 and Zero + Maria Cornejo:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Sandals with Thick Ankle Strap

Or be flat, i.e. fashionably appropriate for a busy mom of two young boys (eh-hem), like these amazing sandals from Jenni Kayne:

Spring 2012 Jenni Kayne Flat Leather/Metallic Ankle-Strap Sandals

Yes… On other blogs you’ll read about the colors to buy (white or sorbet), the must-have details (shiny metallic), the best embellishments (florals), and the hottest motifs (tribal), but you read about this trend first on mojansami.com. Zing!

15 Great Flat-Heeled Ankle Boots

Posted 22 November 2011 at 3:51 PM | Comments (6)

A few weeks ago I waxed poetic (hardly) about my crush on stiletto-heeled ankle boots.

Unfortunately, stiletto heels aren’t practical for everyone—especially not for my pregnant friend, Lorenia. (And not really for me, since I’m always carrying or running after a child.) So Lorenia requested that I find some cute ankle boots with flat heels.

Consider it done!, I told her.

And then I realized that flat-heeled ankle boots, no matter how cute, exude a very different vibe than their stiletto-heeled counterparts. Once you can accept that fact, you can appreciate how great they are.

That said, I found these 15 adorable pairs.

Polyvore: 15 Great Flat-Heeled Ankle Boots

It’s Cool to Match Your Shoes with Your Pants

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Ever since seeing this image on J.Crew’s website:

J.Crew Leopard Pants with Leopard Pumps

I’m completely taken with the idea of matching my shoes to my pants. As in printed shoes, printed pants. Matching. Patterns. MATCHING.

Match Your Shoes with Your Printed Pants