“We Need to Talk About Your Flair”

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I’ve fully converted to the flared leg. I don’t even like my skinnies anymore. In fact, I kind of want every pair of my skinnies to die (unless I buy a pair of over-the-knee boots, in which case they can live to see another season).

I love how my flares give everything a more relaxed, Bohemian vibe, unlike my skinnies, which give a sleeker, rocker look. I am finally ready to welcome this sartorial transition. Bring on the flares and wide-legs! It’s time!

Black Flared Jeans with Burgundy Fringe-Sleeved Top

Today I’m wearing my black flared jeans from Forever 21 and burgundy fringe-sleeved top from Piperlime (RIP). Notice the gray hairs around my temples. They weren’t included the last time I drew myself.

Queen of the Jungle

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Melody Ehsani’s flawless Queen of the Jungle necklace has been seen on celebs Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, Estelle, and now… me!

Melody Ehsani Queen of the Jungle Necklace

Happiness exploded when I opened the package and saw the necklace, along with the super-cute Always On Time Bracelet.

Melody Ehsani Boxed Jewelry

I am never taking off this necklace. You can bury me in it. Love you, Mel—you are the queen of the jewelry jungle! x

I Bought the Round Glasses!

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And I love them!

Wearing Round Glasses from Ted Baker Style Number TB9056 in Burgundy

*Ted Baker, style number: TB9056 Burgundy.

Holiday Party Outfits of Seasons Past

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I miss holiday parties. People gussied up, appetizers circulating, glasses clinking—so much fun.

I’ve been trying to remember what I used to wear to holiday parties before we moved overseas. I can only remember two outfits. Two! That’s it! And who even remembers what years they’re from! (Though I’m going to guess 2005 on the left and late-1990s on the right.)

Holiday Party Outfits of Seasons Past, Fashion Illustration

As usual, I’m living vicariously through the rest of you, so please tell me what you’re wearing to your holiday parties this year!

Unofficial Thanksgiving Sweater

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This is the second year in a row that I’m wearing my mustard cardigan to Thanksgiving dinner! I guess I unofficially have a “Thanksgiving sweater.”

What I Wore for Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

The difference is that, this year, I went a bit crazy with color; last year my look was much more autumnal. But I think I like this look. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Mustard Cardigan: H&M. Floral Top: Anthropologie. Braided Belt: TJ Maxx. Purple Jeans: TJ Maxx.

Peachy Perfection

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Today I’m wearing a wrap tee in the most delicious shade of peach you’ve ever seen (thank you, J.Crew Crosstown Tee in Georgia Peach). It’s simple and lovely when paired with cropped black pants, black gladiator sandals, and gold filigree chandelier earrings.

Peach Wrap Tee With Cropped Black Pants

But this color, oh this color…! It makes me want to be somewhere else. Oh, I don’t know, like Lima. Lima, Peru. Like here:

Me in Historic Lima Photo Fantasy

And here:

Me in Historic Lima Photo Fantasy

And definitely here:

Me in Historic Lima Photo Fantasy

*Photographs of Lima by Eve Andersson.

Back from the U.S.S.A. (United Shopping States of America)

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Being in the U.S. feels a bit like a supply run. Since I don’t usually have access to a Target, a TJ Maxx, nor an air-conditioned, floral-scented, jazz-playing department store where people talk quietly and salesclerks are not only willing to help you find an item but also carry your diaper bag and find something for your baby to play with while you enter the fitting room, I go a bit crazy. Every retail experience feels like Christmas Eve shopping: I’m frantic. Everything in sight feels like the last item on the shelf. Every possible purchase feels like my last chance.

That said, I knew that my shopping time on this trip would be limited. Not only did we have more important family commitments, I also have two small kids who don’t have the patience for shopping, and I didn’t want to feel rushed. So in the weeks before our holiday, I ordered items online and had them shipped directly to my mother-in-law. The shipments mostly included clothes for my husband and myself, the most important being a dress.

As in the dress, the one I’d wear to my sister’s wedding.

I ordered five dresses (all free shipping plus in-store returns—man, I love America!). But this is the one I was really, really hoping to wear (from J.Crew*):

J.Crew Washed Crepe Nanine Dress in Desert Sunset

Not only was the peachy hue right-on with my sister’s color palette, but it felt really appropriate for an afternoon, late-summer wedding. Unfortunately, the dress, although gorgeous, pulled strangely around the bust and waist and creased too much for my taste.

This dress (also from J.Crew) looked much better on me. I was disappointed that it didn’t fit the color palette as perfectly and that the fabric was a bit too evening-ish, but with very little time to change course I didn’t have much choice and just went with it:

J.Crew Silk Organza Soiree Dress in Ornamental Pink

Deep down, I still would have preferred the first dress, but overall it turned out okay.

Wearing J.Crew Silk Organza Soiree Dress in Ornamental Pink

Allow me to segue into the next topic: J.Crew. Um, HELLO. Not having shopped there in nearly ten years, I had forgotten how beautiful their product is. And since then, it’s gotten more beautiful and edgy even. It’s very possible that I might be obsessed with them.

After buying my dress (at 40% off final sale, by the way, for a total of $60! HELLO!) I went on to do some serious damage in their online final sales and am now at home swimming in their finespun cotton. Yay, me.

*Dresses, top to bottom: Washed Crepe Nanine Dress in Desert Sunset, Silk Organza Soiree Dress in Ornamental Pink.

Perfect for Paris

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I should name every outfit for the place I could imagine myself wearing it.

In which case, today I wore Paris. Black sheath dress, soft and drapey gray cardigan, black gladiator sandals. It’s what I imagine myself wearing if I were walking on St. Germain and stopping somewhere marvelous for cheese and chocolate.

Perfect for Paris Black Sheath Dress with Gray Drapey Cardigan

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about sheath dresses. I only have one, but if I were ever to adopt a signature look, it would be the sheath. They’re always classic, effortlessly sexy, and insanely flattering.

Time to buy more sheath dresses and make a trip to Paris! Who’s in?