Pretty Lavender Bridal Shower Invitation

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When it was *Natalie’s turn to tie the knot, we took a completely different approach from her sister’s. For Natalie, we went softer, prettier, and used the lavender plant as our theme. I like how it turned out. Design doesn’t always have to elaborate to be good.

Pretty Lavender-Theme Bridal Shower Invitation

*Names have been changed.

Pink and Gray Chevron and Polka-Dot Baby Shower Invitation

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When the hostess contacted me for a baby shower invitation, we talked about the mama-to-be: cute and girly. So that was the direction I went, constantly thinking about a mingling of contemporary and shabby chic:

Pink and Gray Chevron and Polka-Dot Baby Shower Invitation

The hostess was so thrilled that she asked if I could also design a matching cover for the baby shower scrapbook.

Pink and Gray Chevron and Polka-Dot Baby Shower Scrapbook

A month later, when the mama-to-be was preparing for the birth of her darling girl, we did another matching design—this time for her birth announcement!

Pink and Gray Chevron and Polka-Dot Birth Announcement

*Names and details have been changed.

Mediterranean Mosaic Wedding Invitation

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This may be my favorite wedding invitation I’ve ever done. No, it’s definitely my favorite.

I don’t know how it happened. Conversation with my clients just flowed. They were getting married in Catalonia and wanted the region to inspire their design.

Initially they asked me to incorporate “castellers” in the design, the Catalan tradition of building human towers. We looked at the concept together, and I considered it very seriously, but I was skeptical. I liked the idea—people working in unity to build something strong and beautiful—but didn’t know how to make it elegant and suitable for a wedding.

So I pushed back a little, asking if there was anything else that was very Catalan that they would be happy with. We looked at pictures of the mountains, which still didn’t feel quite right. Church windows, interesting enough. And then it just clicked.


Gaudí, the Spanish Catalan architect whose distinctive style influences not only the entire region, but the entire world. We specifically thought about his intricate mosaic work in Barcelona’s Park Güell. The couple was mostly interested in nature themes, and the groom wanted me to incorporate a sun, so I thought, “Why not paint an entirely mosaic scene?”

So I did.

Mediterranean Mosaic Save the Date by Mojan Sami

It was exactly what we all wanted. I couldn’t believe it came together quite so perfectly. It really felt like late spring in Barcelona—or at least the storybook version.

Here’s the invitation, which was self-enclosing. You can kind of see the address on the back and their initials on the flap.

Mediterranean Mosaic Wedding Invitation by Mojan Sami

And here’s a closer view of the inside.

Mediterranean Mosaic Wedding Invitation by Mojan Sami

We decided to use the initials as their personal logo, so the couple was able to use it in multiple ways, most importantly on their wedding website.

Mediterranean Mosaic Wedding Monogram by Mojan Sami

And the sun and flower elements also showed up in various places, including their ceremony program. Eventually I’ll offer these individual illustrations on Etsy so you’ll be able to use them as clip art!

Mediterranean Mosaic Illustrations by Mojan Sami

*Names and dates were changed.

Tropical Flower Bridal Shower Invitation

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Natalie* asked me to design her sister’s bridal shower invitation. Tropical location, lush scenery—it wasn’t difficult to be inspired by the photographs of Samoa.

I went with a ginger flower theme, which, as Natalie later informed me, inspired the bridal shower décor.

Tropical Ginger Flower Bridal Shower Invitation

*Names will always be changed.

Aubergine and Gold Floral Brocade Wedding Invitations

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I’m a huge fan of the elegant simplicity that Elena and Freddy* requested for their wedding. Their exact request: elegant, clean, simple, and modern.

We hit the ball out of the park on the first try. They loved the hint of floral brocade on the side while the clean type took center stage.

Aubergine and Gold Floral Brocade Wedding Invitations

It was easy to apply their design to the rest of their materials, which was a good thing since their wedding planning was super abbreviated and we, literally, had days to finish it all.

Aubergine and Gold Floral Brocade Wedding Invitations

*Names will always be changed.

Cute and Simple Pinwheel-Themed Birthday

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This is one of my absolute favorite projects. The theme is festive, the type clean, the color palette unpredictable. And the simplicity of the pinwheel conveniently lends itself to other manifestations—a pinwheel cake wouldn’t be hard to achieve, and making paper pinwheels is easy, too.

I wish I had used this for my own child’s birthday party!

Cute and Simple Pinwheel Themed Birthday Invitations

*Names and details have been changed.

Bird on a Vine Wedding Invitation

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I realize that I’m always bragging about satisfying the client on the first try. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes I’m way, way off.

Like in the case of this wedding invitation for Lori and Derek*. They came to me with numerous images of bird silhouettes and swirly vines, and I was inspired to go in this direction. It looks like a title page from a vintage book, doesn’t it? It would look so good if it was letterpressed.

Birds on a Vine Wedding Invitation Inspired by Vintage Books

Well, vintage title page or not, it wasn’t this couple’s cup of tea. They wanted something warmer, friendlier, more textured and layered. Something more like this.

Bird on a Vine Textured and Layered Wedding Invitation

My work may not always happen so magically, but I’m thankful for clients who stick with me through the creative process, confident that I can bring their vision to life.

*Names will always be changed.

Fun Retro-Bus Themed Party

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It was so much fun coming up with a theme for a neighborhood family fair. Of course, no one expected a “theme”—they expected a flyer! But I wanted to come up with a concept that could be translated into… well, into possibility.

So I came up with this idea of a purple bus filled with balloons. It’s a little weird but just cute and fun enough to excite the kids. Then the idea totally lent itself to a psychedelic sky, so there’s that.

Fun Retro-Bus Themed Party Flyer

There are so many more printed components, but since I don’t like to leave original details on my blog, it would have been too much text to change. However there is one more thing I want to show you. Check out this bus “photo booth” that some creative folks made from my flyer. They e-mailed me this photo so I could see my design translated into 3-D, which is exactly the kind of possibility I was hoping for!

Fun Retro-Bus Themed Party Photo Booth

A Mediterranean Journey Concert Poster

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A friend asked me to design an e-mail inviting her friends and colleagues to a personal concert. When she said that the concert was Mediterranean-themed, ranging from Greek folk tunes to gypsy music, I knew immediately that I wanted the image to draw inspiration from Picasso’s vibrant 1952 painting, Mediterranean Landscape:

Mediterranean Landscape by Pablo Picasso 1952

So here’s my design, rendered entirely in Photoshop:

Mediterranean Concert Poster Design by Mojan Sami, Inspired by Picasso

I knew the design had to be bold and colorful—after all, it was only going to be sent via e-mail—but I also wanted it to infuse it with a sort of storybook romance, transporting the viewer to a different time and place. We’re all really happy with how it turned out.

*Names and details have been changed.

Pretty Lilac Floral Wedding Invitation

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I really lucked out with Sooki and Sean* as clients.

They heard about my work through a friend and asked if I would design their wedding invitations. Our initial meeting was extremely successful, not just because they gave me a very clear idea of what they wanted but also because we really hit it off. We’ve since become friends, and they even invited me to their wedding (aww!).

Anyway, they showed me several examples of what they wanted. It was all very pretty, feminine, and elegant. Florals were a big draw, and so was the color lilac.

Here’s a sampling of what we did for their big day.

Pretty Lilac Floral Engagement Announcement and Bridal Shower Invites by Mojan Sami

Pretty Lilac Floral Wedding Invites, Programs, Etc. by Mojan Sami

I was so honored to be a guest at their wedding! I really enjoyed myself.

Pretty Lilac Floral Wedding Placecards

*Names will always be changed.