Curved Sofas are the Next Big Thing

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Linear, Midcentury-inspired sofas have been holding court for a while now, but that’s about to change. ‘70s-inspired curvy styles have been creeping into the market over the past couple of years, and now we’re seeing them at a lower, more accessible price point. And you know what that means.

It’s about to hit the masses.

Red Curved Sofa in Dimore Studio's Paris St. Germain Project

Curved Sofa in Elizabeth Roberts'  Prospect Park West Townhouse Project

Pink Curved Sofa in CB2's Goop Collection

White Curved Infiniti Sofa in Crate & Barrel's Catalog

Monochromatic White and Beige Minimalist Bedroom

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Ahhh. Sleep. Precious sleep.

This tranquil, minimalist bedroom first reminds me of everything I loved about the ‘90s, and then, second, it hypnotizes me so that I am running for my own bed. Not much can convince me to go to bed (I am of the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” philosophy), but this room is doing a pretty good job.

Monochromatic White and Beige Minimalist Contemporary Bedroom

Though I am a huge fan of color, I admit I’m looking forward to the reemergence of monochromatic minimalism in home décor. It’s coming, people. Maximalism is not going to last forever…

Lime and Taupe Living Room with Birch Tree Wallpaper

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Confession: For many reasons, I haven’t stopped thinking about birch-tree wallpaper since I wrote this post last December. So I finally decided to channel my obsession productively and create an inspiration board.

Lime and Taupe Living Room Inspiration Board with Birch Tree Wallpaper

It feels like a contemporary ode to the ‘70s with its organic shapes and earth tones, doesn’t it? So I added the sleek glass lamp and French Deco coffee table to keep it fresh, to avoid digging too far into that decade.

Alright, so I was hoping this inspiration board would get the birch-tree wallpaper out of my system, but it didn’t work; now I just want to create another one. What’s a girl gotta do to eliminate an unhealthy obsession? Make a wallpaper voodoo doll?

Clean, Modern Kitchen Fit for a Farmhouse

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Hmm. Interesting. It seems I’m particularly drawn to these clean, modern kitchens that also have a bit of warmth and friendliness. This one, in particular, has a great balance between reflective surfaces and natural textures. I could see it in an urban loft or a renovated farmhouse.

A Clean Modern Kitchen That's Still Fit for a Farmhouse

I copied this image from a very useful article just published in the Chicago Tribune about kitchen island trends. Here are excerpts from the article worth noting when planning a kitchen remodel:

The National Kitchen and Bath Association ( recommends at least 42 inches of aisle space surrounding an island, and 48 if there are multiple cooks. As for the island itself, the minimum surface work area is about 3 feet by 4 feet. Anything less and you’re defeating the purpose. There are also reasons not to get too big.

“I don’t like to make an island larger than 48 inches because then the reach becomes too large for cleaning,” [Mick] De Giulio says. “Five feet or wider exceeds the ergonomics of cleaning.”

Samantha Emmerling, a senior editor at House Beautiful who covers kitchens and baths, says that the trend is toward smaller islands…

De Guilio says he’s not seeing any scaling back on the popularity of islands. People aren’t foregoing the island just because of budget; they see the kitchen as a place to do it right and do it long term. So an island—one piece of furniture that offers a dependable return on a homeowner’s investment—makes financial as well as practical sense.

Polka-Dots at Home

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My husband didn’t know I bought polka-dot sheets (well, just a fitted sheet and two pillowcases) until he caught up on my blog yesterday. Oops. Now I need to convince him that polka-dots can be cool.

The rest of you don’t need convincing. If you read my blog (I know you’re out there!), chances are you already think polka-dots are cool.

More cool polka-dot accessories for your home:

Polka-Dot Accessories and Decor for the Home

Customize with O’verlays

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I just read about this now and am pretty fascinated. This small company, O’verlays, makes trendy fretwork patterns that you can easily attach to furniture, doors, walls… and many of their designs are compatible with IKEA products.

Fiona Fretwork Pattern on IKEA Malm Dresser from

Greek Key Fretwork Pattern on IKEA Rast Dresser from

Natalie Fretwork Pattern on Coral Painted Headboard from

Natalie Fretwork Pattern on Coral Painted Headboard from

Grace Fretwork Pattern on Bathroom Cabinets from

Their product is really taking off, which isn’t surprising considering that do-it-yourself customizing and upscaling is a huge home decorating trend right now! So huge that I’m sure when we look back on the 2010s in the future, we’ll laugh at the brightly painted furniture with fretwork patterns which were so characteristic of “that” decade.

So go and glue these on now, while they’re still hot.

Greenfynch Settee, Padrina

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Seriously? Seriously??!

Anthropologie Greenfynch Settee Padrina

Yes, seriously. Thank you to Anthropologie for making my Friday. (Or breaking it, if you consider the fact that I’m crying over this thing of beauty.)

Also, this confirms for me that photographic prints are one of the best trends of 2012.

Saturated Orange in a Soft, Eclectic Space

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I was just thinking how most examples of bright, saturated orange in living spaces are in sleek, ultramodern rooms. Don’t let that scare you into thinking it won’t work elsewhere! I actually think it would give a perfect bit of punch to a soft, eclectic space—think pale blue walls, weathered gray wood, vintage style pillows, and white ceramic accessories. Something like this:

Bright Orange/Tangerine Tango Also Works in Soft, Eclectic Home Decor

Zebra at Home

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This is the one instance I can think of, at least in recent years, when a trend began in home décor and then infiltrated fashion. Zebra print may be coming up in fashion, but it’s been staying up in home.

I’ve been compiling images of zebra print décor over the past several months, from Adore Home, High Gloss, and Lonny, as well as retailers Horchow and West Elm. It’s amazing how widespread this trend is! And how incredibly versatile. See for yourself.

Zebra print wall-to-wall carpeting:

Zebra Print Wall-to-Wall Carpeting for Glamorous Bedroom in Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Wall-to-Wall Carpeting in Lonny Magazine

Zebra print pillows:

Zebra Print Pillows in Bright Living Room for West Elm

Zebra Print Pillows in Mysterious Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Pillows in Clean Chic Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Bed Linens at Horchow

Zebra print furnishings:

Zebra Chair in Black and White Office for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Ottoman in Pale Blue Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Yellow Zebra Print Chair in Glamorous Office for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Mirror in Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Upholstered Occasional Chair for Horchow

Yellow Zebra Print Upholstered Armchair for Horchow

And last but not least, zebra print rugs—some real, some fake, some cartoony:

Zebra Rug in a Glamorous Old-World Antique-Theme Bedroom for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Nate Berkus' Office for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in a Teal Peacock Blue Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in a White Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in a White Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Adore Home Magazine

Zebra Rug in Pink Wallpapered Bedroom for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Modern Living Room for West Elm

Zebra Rug in Tropical Island Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Runner in Clean Asian Office for West Elm

Zebra Rug in Retro Orange Living Room with Blue Couch for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Retro Orange Living Room with Blue Couch for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Retro Orange Living Room with Blue Couch for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug and Zebra Matchbook in Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Black White and Pastel Pink Parisian Living Room for High Gloss Magazine

Zebra Rug and Black and White Abstract Painting in High Gloss Magazine

So if you’re trying to figure out how to add a dose of retro glamour to your room without sacrificing edginess, I hope these photos inspire you to consider zebra!

Bird Art

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I’ve been over the bird trend for, oh, three, maybe four years now. Bird fabrics, bird wallpaper, bird salt shakers, bird decals, birdcages—it never seems to stop! Why?! Why don’t you fly away already??!

Well… except that was my attitude yesterday. Today, I’m reading Howard Norman’s exceptional novel, The Bird Artist, and it’s not only giving me a new appreciation for birds, it’s kind of making me obsessed with them.

Unfortunately I’m not about to become a bird artist myself, sitting in nature for hours at a time, sketching falcons, ospreys, and sandpipers. I’m much too—hm, how shall I say this—lazy. I’d rather let someone else be the bird artist and me, well, I’ll just give them my money.

Any one of these talented artists will do.

Original Bird Art Prints for Sale at

Bird prints for sale at, clockwise from top left:

Kingfisher Kitchen from alfredstark
Night Tree, Crescent Moon, Black Birds, and Farm Fields from TheBluebirdGallery
Great Horned Owl from annasee
Superb Fairy Wren from bridgetfarmerprints
Primary Birds from locole
Osprey at Cape May from berkeleySU