Glenn Close, Wear This

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I just want to put Glenn Close in this color-blocked dress and trapeze jacket from Temperley London’s spring line. When will the movie stars listen to me? WHEN?

Glenn Close in Temperley London Spring 2014

Belle’s Outfit in Dark Hollow

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Once Upon a Time is not exactly a force in fashion. While I’m very aware of the period costumes (how incredible are the Evil Queen’s gowns and headpieces?), I have never really made note of the non-period costumes.

But I sheepishly admit that I loved Belle’s outfit in last night’s episode. The scalloped miniskirt, cropped blouse, and flounced cardigan were super girly and cute, but not completely without edge. I love.

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 7 Belle's Scalloped Miniskirt

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 7 Belle's Flounced Cardigan

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen’s Living Room

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I know better than to worship movie stars, but I admit I have a soft spot for this cute couple. Their newly remodeled living room was featured in the November issue of Lonny, and it only drove home how cute they really are.

The room is a beautiful marriage of Midcentury minimalism and L.A. bohemia. I’m partial to the vintage chair vignettes in every corner and especially—especially—the teal velvet sofa. As you may have already guessed.

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Remodeled L.A. Living Room

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Remodeled L.A. Living Room

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Remodeled L.A. Living Room

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Remodeled L.A. Living Room

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Remodeled L.A. Living Room

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Remodeled L.A. Living Room

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Remodeled L.A. Living Room

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Remodeled L.A. Living Room

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Remodeled L.A. Living Room

Queen of the Jungle

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Melody Ehsani’s flawless Queen of the Jungle necklace has been seen on celebs Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, Estelle, and now… me!

Melody Ehsani Queen of the Jungle Necklace

Happiness exploded when I opened the package and saw the necklace, along with the super-cute Always On Time Bracelet.

Melody Ehsani Boxed Jewelry

I am never taking off this necklace. You can bury me in it. Love you, Mel—you are the queen of the jewelry jungle! x

Favorites from the Emmys 2012

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There were at least twelve looks I adored at the Emmys last night, but I am pretty set on picking a top three. So here they are, in no particular order:

Emmy 2012 Best Looks: Kelly Osbourne, Tina Fey, Ginnifer Goodwin

Kelly Osbourne. There is so much about this look that I loved (including the matching hair!). I loved the dark lavender hue of her Zac Posen gown, which nicely represented a transition from summer to fall. I loved that she didn’t totally bling out, which would have been expected for an awards show; those few understated items in black and silver gave this dress her own spin and were completely in line with this season’s gothic trend.

Tina Fey. Whoa. This Vivienne Westwood gown was everything good: chic, glamorous, and hottt—I could go on. Plus, it was very much on-trend, which, in my book, always bumps up a red carpet look; both the burgundy color of the gown and the baroque details are supremely fashionable right now. Nicely done, Ms. Fey.

Ginnifer Goodwin. Wow, what a showstopper. Her tangerine Monique Lhuillier gown was unlike anything else on the red carpet, and I love her for it. How perfect were her Christian Louboutin pumps? And her super-simple adornment—costume earrings, boxy clutch, mod makeup—made her one of the most successfully styled looks last night.

Some honorable mentions:

Emmy 2012 Honorable Mentions: Emily VanCamp, Jane Levy, Lily Rabe

Emily VanCamp. She looked great in this J.Mendel gown, but as much as I love an undone look, this was a little too undone for me. I didn’t mind the casual hair and natural makeup, but it left something to be desired—sparkly earrings, perhaps?—so that it didn’t look like she went surfing in the morning and then just managed to make it to the show on time.

Jane Levy. I almost put her in my top three, but Kelly Osbourne beat her out only because this could have been last year’s dress. Don’t get me wrong, the Pamella Roland gown was gorge and total perfection next to Jane’s skin and hair, but when it came down to choosing one over the other, I chose the look that felt more right this minute.

Lily Rabe. Amazing, amazing Tadashi Shoji gown, sad, sad hair. This dress could have easily made it into my top three had it been styled better. But she got my attention and I’ll be looking to see what she does next time.

*Red carpet photos from US Weekly.

Pretty “New Mom” Portraits

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We don’t have plans to have more children (boo), but if there was ever a chance I might get pregnant again, I’d love to have a maternity portrait taken like this:

Soft Maternity Portrait, Pregnant Silhouette in Front of Window

And a mom-and-baby portrait like this (I love the light and the bare skin plus strong eyes):

Gwen Stefani and Baby, Sweet Mom and Newborn Portrait

Unfortunately I can’t credit the source of these photos, because somehow they got lost in the mix (boo times two), but I hope they inspire some of you moms-to-be!

Shopping Diet: Last Day!

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I’ve been M.I.A. because someone introduced me to a group of girls called the Pretty Little Liars, and I’ve been spending all of my free time watching them obsessively. I’m almost done with Season 2.

However, today is a significant enough day that I should probably stop stalking these girls long enough to commemorate this milestone:

As of midnight tonight, my shopping diet is officially over!

I can’t believe I did it. An entire year has passed since I last bought myself any clothing or accessories whatsoever. But in just a few hours, I can shop if I want to! Woo hoo!

Though, to be honest, I don’t really want to. It would be fun to see how long I could keep going, wouldn’t it? However, considering that everything in my closet looks so tired, it seems that buying a few new items would give my wardrobe a much-needed jolt of energy.

So, mall tomorrow?

Emily Blunt, Wear This

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I want to put Emily Blunt in this insane Paco Rabanne dress from his spring collection. I know it’s more bold and daring than her usual style, but the color and shape are so great for her.

Emily Blunt in Paco Rabanne Spring 2012

Favorites from the Oscars 2012

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Red carpet fashion didn’t really blow my mind last night—with the exception of one woman, Michelle Williams. Her Louis Vuitton dress may be up there with my favorite award-show dresses of all time.

Academy Awards 2012 Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton Coral Dress

After Michelle, I was really reaching for another favorite. There just weren’t many. But, all things considered, I did pause longer than usual on Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford and Glenn Close in Zac Posen. A lot of people didn’t like Gwyneth’s cape, but she looked absolutely statuesque. And while I would have loved to see the jacket come off Glenn, I admit it was age-appropriate and didn’t detract from the gorgeous dress bodice.

Academy Awards 2012 Gwyneth Paltrow and Glenn Close

Sorry I’m not posting much these days—there’s so much going on and I feel like I’m just trying to keep my head above water! But, obviously, I had to chime in with my three favorite looks from last night. Until next time…

Kelli Garner as Kate Cameron

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Want dress:

Pan Am Romance Lanugages Kelli Garner as Kate Cameron in Amazing Dress

Want hair:

Pan Am Romance Lanugages Kelli Garner as Kate Cameron with Amazing Hair

I know Pan Am has disappointingly low ratings and will probably be canceled… so maybe they should send all their costumes to me.