Illustrated Cypress Trees Birth Announcement

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I’ve mentioned before how much I love illustrated projects. When a client actually wants me to spend my time doing Photoshop brushstrokes, you can bet that I am in project bliss. So I guess you could say that baby Angelina* was introduced to the world with bliss from all sides—from her family, obviously, but even from this stranger, who pretends to be an artist from time to time.

Illustrated Cypress Trees Birth Announcement

*Names will always be changed.

Simple Floral Birth Announcement

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A couple of years ago, I designed this simple seashell birth announcement. It’s one of my favorites, to be honest. So when the adorable family of three asked me to design an announcement for their latest addition, it was a no-brainer to dig into the archives and have it complement the first.

For this announcement, we went with a family of flowers, featuring the littlest one in white.

Simple Floral Birth Announcement

*Names and details have been changed.

Pink and Gray Chevron and Polka-Dot Baby Shower Invitation

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When the hostess contacted me for a baby shower invitation, we talked about the mama-to-be: cute and girly. So that was the direction I went, constantly thinking about a mingling of contemporary and shabby chic:

Pink and Gray Chevron and Polka-Dot Baby Shower Invitation

The hostess was so thrilled that she asked if I could also design a matching cover for the baby shower scrapbook.

Pink and Gray Chevron and Polka-Dot Baby Shower Scrapbook

A month later, when the mama-to-be was preparing for the birth of her darling girl, we did another matching design—this time for her birth announcement!

Pink and Gray Chevron and Polka-Dot Birth Announcement

*Names and information have been changed.

Simple Seashell Birth Announcement

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My clients were way too easy on me! I expected at least one round of revisions, but they were satisfied with this very first draft.

They had two requirements. First, since they had photographed three seashells in the sand for their pregnancy announcement, they wanted their baby’s birth announcement to echo that concept. Second, they really liked the idea of using blue in a feminine way.

So I came up with this concept: “Our little pearl has arrived.” Cute, right? To draw attention to the concept, I under-designed—which can be risky, since some clients don’t want any pixel left untouched.

It turns out that the risk paid off. The announcement was exactly what they wanted for their little pearl.

Simple Seashell Baby Girl Birth Announcement

*Names and details have been changed.

Flying Kite Birth Announcement

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I really like how this baby announcement turned out. I’m often asked to design announcements that are less traditional and more graphic, so it’s unusual for me to design something like this—something that feels so… well, for lack of a better term, so baby boy.

I think it’s cute and cuddly; it makes me want to snuggle with a little baby. Totally appropriate for a birth announcement, if you ask me. Sometimes traditional is the best way to go.

Flying Kite Baby Boy Birth Announcement

Cute Penguin Family Birth Announcement

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Remember the penguin birth announcement I did for the Hawns*? Well, Baby Number Three (!) came along, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to design his announcement, too.

But this time I did the illustration myself, and it turned out so cute! This has to be one of my favorite baby announcements to date.

Cute Penguin Family Baby Announcement by Mojan Sami

It was the couple’s idea to put the baby in a sling, and I think that element really makes it unique. Babywearing penguins? Don’t mind if I do.

*Names will always be changed.

Black-and-White Photo Postcard Birth Announcement

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So many baby announcements! This one, however, is especially special to me… because it’s my nephew!

Technically he’s my nephew-in-law (husband’s brother’s baby), but—cue soft music—the heart doesn’t know technicalities, does it? As far as my heart is concerned, this cutie pie naked little boy is mine! Oh, he has other aunties? And about a hundred people who already love him? Never mind them—those sweet cheeks (no need to clarify) are totally, completely mine.

Though I have yet to meet him. Sob.

But at least I had the honor of designing his birth announcement.

Black-and-White Photo Postcard Birth Announcement, Front

Black-and-White Photo Postcard Birth Announcement, Back

I love that his parents named him after his maternal great-grandfather and paternal great-grandfather and included their photos on the back of the postcard.

I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. Obviously a little piece of paper is nowhere near as good as squeezing the real thing, but it’ll be my first photo ever of my first nephew ever, so you better believe that little piece of paper is going to get some lovin’!

*All names have been changed.

Mediterranean Olives Birth Announcement

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I’m partial to this baby announcement I designed for Stephanie and Dean* because inspiration is right outside my window; I live on a hillside where there’s always at least one—if not a hundred—olive trees in sight. Olive trees have become one of the distinctive emblems of our life on the Mediterranean.

Birth Announcement Mediterranean Olive Tree Theme

The olive pattern in the background started out as a simple branch that I painted in Photoshop.

Olives Illustration by Mojan Sami

I then repeated the olives on a roughly painted background of desert-inspired colors.

Olives Pattern by Mojan Sami

With a few Photoshop filters (including my favorite, rough pastels), the background turned into this:

Olives Pattern with Photoshop Filters by Mojan Sami

*Names will always be changed.

Flowers in a Vase Birth Announcement

Posted 20 January 2012 at 4:55 PM | Comments (2)

I took one week off from blogging. Don’t you go picturing me on restful holiday, however—I was busy working. So busy! Overnight I went from having zero design projects to having ten; I just thought it was about time I start accepting projects again.

It’s crazy how that happens. One day I decide to take projects, and the next day I have ten inquiries.

Anyway, this is the first of several “my projects” posts you’ll see in the next few weeks.

Flowers in a Vase Simple Modern Birth Announcement

I like the simplicity of this birth announcement, and the contrast between cheerful color and quiet layout. Most of all I love the cute little icon in the corner—imagine just adding a flower to the vase when this family has their second child!

*Names, information, and photo have been changed.

Cool Modern Twins Birth Announcement

Posted 15 November 2011 at 7:34 PM | Comments (2)

A potential client just asked for more examples of my simple-and-modern baby announcements, so I pulled out this one that I did two years ago. It’s different than most of my other announcements in that it has a cool-jazzy vibe!

Simple Modern Intersecting Lines Baby Announcement With Photo

When Naomi and Magnus* first approached me, they couldn’t envision exactly what they wanted but gave me some good keywords—simple, modern, brown and aqua. So I sat down with those keywords and considered how to apply them to a meaningful design.

I came up with the idea of four intersecting lines to represent each member of their growing family. I wanted the lines to be fluid, almost as if two of the lines spun out of the other two. The result is smooth and sinuous; and the lines are not just symbolic, they also do their job as a design element by moving the viewer’s eye from one point to the next.

Luckily I got it exactly right in the first round (easy clients!), so we had very little work to do. The only thing they asked for is a second option—one without a photo, in case they couldn’t get a good picture of the twins right away.

Simple Modern Intersecting Lines Baby Announcement No Photo

We actually ended up using both designs, so that was nice.

*Names will always be changed. That includes the baby names. What, you thought someone really named their twins Warrick and Digby?