Book Cover for Chills, A Collection of Suspense Short Stories

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Just in time for Halloween I completed an e-book cover for Sahar Sabati’s Chills: A Short Story Collection.

I hadn’t taken a design project in a while, but when the writer approached me it was at just the right moment, since I was finally starting to feel more settled and now have a quasi-workspace set up in my parents’ house.

And I’m glad I did. It felt good to get back to work, back to thinking about something other than this unsettled chaos of our family life.

Chills A Short Story Collection Book Cover Design by Mojan Sami

The background image is a photo I snapped on a country road, somewhere in northern Israel. Then, in Photoshop, I messed with it by darkening the colors and heightening its eeriness.

Since I read the book before tackling the design of the cover, I knew that these weren’t horror stories; they weren’t gory or gruesome. The stories are suspenseful but still appropriate for families to read together. So to contrast the eeriness of the image, I staggered the type for a touch of whimsy, which, together with the image, conveys all-ages reading.

Chills: A Short Story Collection by Sahar Sabati Now Available

You can buy your copy here.

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