Birch Trees

Posted 18 December 2011 at 2:52 PM | Comments (2)

I have a particular fondness for birch trees. The backyard of my childhood home was full of them, like a cute-little birch-tree colony. If I ever move back home (it’s possible! We’re not planning to live on the Mediterranean forever), I love the idea of working them into our décor. It doesn’t have to be literal, of course, but it could be. Like with this wallpaper, designed by Steve Abrams.

Birch Trees Wallpaper in Cool Autumn Designed by Steve Abrams

It may not look like much in 2-D, but take a look at it when applied to a rustic-chic room. You only see hints of it because of the limited wall space, but even when it’s just a hint, the illustrated, birch-tree texture takes the room from handsome to titillating (don’t you love that word?).

Steve Abrams' Birch Tree Wallpaper in C. Wonder's Vail Cabin Room NYC, Lonny Magazine

And check this out—even if you’re too timid for wallpaper, you’re not out of luck. Kristen Dougherty sells original birch-tree paintings on her Etsy page, and they evoke that same simple, graphic, and rustic elegance of the birch tree colony outside my childhood window.

Kristen Dougherty Birch Trees on Blue-Green Original Painting

It (almost) makes me want to pack up my things and return west.

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