Are We in a Crafts Movement About to Die?

Posted 26 October 2011 at 11:01 PM | Comments (0)

The New York Times published a very interesting article today, “All That Authenticity May Be Getting Old.”

It’s about the crafts movement that we’re currently in—where artists are producing more and more “unique,” vintage, or handmade objects; major retailers are selling them, and we’re going crazy buying them. But this desperate need to have “authentic” items in our home is becoming pretty predictable and boring. Which is exactly what we were trying to avoid!

Here’s an excerpt:

“People are looking for things that are authentic,” [Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan] said. “I think it started happening after 2001: first there was 9/11, followed by recession. There was a certain exhaustion with the shiny and perfect. People didn’t relate to it anymore.”

But as Dmitri Siegel put it:

“When you pile Etsy on top of Etsy, it gets really cacophonous: ‘Everything in here is totally unique!’ It starts canceling itself out.”


As they began furnishing their new house from scratch, they found themselves choosing pieces with clean, modern lines that “could be a backdrop for whatever we were interested in at the moment,” Mr. Siegel said. In other words, he said, “not trying to express your personality and your total individuality with every single thing in your house.”

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