2020 UPDATE: With a shift in priorities, I have removed all old blog posts and replaced them with recent projects. My apologies if any broken links inconvenience you!

* * *

Like many of you, I grew up constantly rearranging the furniture in my parents’ house, doodling on restaurant napkins, and mentally editing—well, everything. My incessant daydreaming eventually led to opportunity, and I am hugely fortunate to have made my career in graphic design. I love my work, and I think it shows.

In 2006, my life changed dramatically when my husband and I decided to leave the daily grind behind. We sold our condo, our car, and most of our belongings to move to the Mediterranean coast. We unpacked four suitcases and took volunteer jobs. Not long after, we started a family; now I’m a stay-at-home mother with two young boys. Things have definitely changed since my days of urban dwelling, subway riding, and 12-hour-corporate-workday living.

And then, in 2013, my father passed away, so we packed our bags again to move home. We are now living in the Pacific Northwest—in the charming little town I grew up in—doing our best to settle in with our foreign-born kids.

I started this blog to stay connected with my love for design, decor, style, and with the design community I left behind. Now, as I’m reemerging into the industry, I realize I also want to share the knowledge I’ve gained as both a design professional and an enthusiast.

And, well, I don’t know. It’s evolving. Stick with me and I promise you’ll learn something.