A Chic, Mountain-Cabin Inspired Entryway

Posted 4 August 2015 at 10:58 PM | Comments (0)

I was just reminiscing about the ‘90s, the era of my youth. Specifically, I was trying to remember textile design trends and decided that the most popular of the decade was probably plaid. Am I right? Grunge plaid, lumberjack plaid, camping plaid. Man, we were so much more rugged back then. (In contrast, 2015 feels so polished. It makes me want to grab 2015 and mess up her hair a little.)

And then I started thinking about how great plaid wallpaper could be. In the right space—perhaps something a little mountain-cabin inspired?—it would be so nostalgic. I could listen to Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream and Nirvana’s In Utero all day in a plaid wallpapered room, hopefully draped across something better than flattened beanbag chair.

What would be really great is a plaid entryway, to welcome guests into your home with a bold and fearless representation of your youth. Add a practical but rugged hall tree, a rounded ceiling pendant to contrast all the straight lines, textured pillows that are fabulously mismatched, and lastly, a gold-framed art piece to avoid going too far into mountain-cabin theme and keep things chicly grounded.

It’s enough to make me want to put on a pair of Doc Martens.

Chic, Mountain-Cabin Inspired Entryway with Plaid Wallpaper

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