A Beautifully Unmatched Bedroom

Posted 25 January 2011 at 10:46 PM | Comments (4)

Anyone can match well. If you can not match well—

hey, that’s talent.

How this principle translates to your home is perhaps the most exciting thing about decorating. Let me tell you why.

There’s nothing more unappealing to me than a perfectly matched bedroom set. Matching bed, nightstand, armoire, chest, dresser—the reason they look so good next to each other in a showroom or catalog is because the rooms are completely drained of personality.

Of course some people like the idea of living in a soulless hotel room. (Ha! Please don’t be insulted. That was supposed to be funny. Plus, there are always exceptions to every rule, because Crate&Barrel’s catalog makes matchy-matchy living look pretty freaking amazing.)

If I want my home to express who I am, chances are it can’t be cut-and-pasted from a showroom, nor can it be cut-and-pasted into someone else’s home. My home, like me, should be a one-and-only. Exciting, right? Exciting, but daunting, perhaps. It sounds a lot easier to just enter a showroom, swipe a credit card, and wait for the delivery.

That’s why we hire designers (and read magazines) for ideas on how to infuse our true personalities into our homes. And today I took note of Marlien Rentmeester’s California home, designed by Hillary Thomas and featured in the latest issue of Lonny magazine. I just can’t get over this guest room.

Marlien Rentmeester's Guest Bedroom in Lonny Magazine

Marlien Rentmeester's Guest Bedroom in Lonny Magazine

I would never, in a million years, have thought to put wall-to-wall, leopard-print carpeting next to crisp, Mediterranean bed linens and almost citrus-inspired window treatments. It may not “match,” but it fills me with a certain kind of longing.

A longing which I am absolutely sure that five pieces of matching furniture delivered to my doorstep wouldn’t—couldn’t—do.

4 Responses to A Beautifully Unmatched Bedroom

  1. dena says:

    i feel you on this, mojan! i don’t like matchy-matchy either. nothing in my place matches, but it all goes together 🙂 i’ll have to send you some updated pictures of my condo!

  2. delara says:

    yes, please, dena!! need new photos of the apt! it’s been more than 6 mos since i’ve seen it!

    and moj – GREAT post! good timing given our upcoming move. we’ll have LOTS of non-matchy rooms. we’ll see how we do. it’s times like these (among MANY others) when i wish you were here!!

  3. Brenton says:

    That is a gorgeous bedspread. I’m not sure that the carpet works, but the window treatments (?) work well.

  4. […] remarkably resonant of the citrusy drapes I mentioned in this post. Note to self: Jaclyn Smith’s trend fabrics may be worth checking […]

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