Mandy Moore at Fall Fashion Week

Posted 12 March 2017 at 8:50 PM | Comments (0)

Has Mandy Moore always been this much of a fashion plate? Somehow I never noticed until now.

Mandy Moore at New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Marchesa

Mandy Moore at New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Lela Rose

Mayflower Creations Film Studio Logo

Posted 11 March 2017 at 3:47 PM | Comments (0)

Mayflower Creations was on the verge of finishing their film, Mercy’s Blessing, when they contacted me for a logo design. Since their name was inspired by the may flower (not the ship, but the actual petal-and-stem kind of flower), they wanted me to use that for inspiration.

The may flower is delicate and pretty, but I wanted to find a way to integrate it into a film concept. A film strip? A camera? And then I got it. A lens shutter. Could I find a way to make a may flower look like it could be turning, like a camera shutter with an eye in the middle?

Mayflower Creations Film Studio Logo

We were happy with the end result, slapped it on the film title, slapped it on some business cards, and voilá.

Mayflower Creations Business Card

Since then, Mercy’s Blessing has won ten international awards, and counting. It was an honor to have been a small part of their project.