Spring 2013 Runway Trend: Snakeskin

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It’s ironic that the most fashion-forward item in my closet is a twelve year-old pair of shoes. They’re snakeskin, they’re designer, and they’re sentimental—I bought them for my first professional job out of college, interning at a magazine in New York City.

I don’t wear them much these days. Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t really call for snakeskin stilettos (though I wish it did). However, the snakeskin trend on Spring 2013 runways made me want to take them out and dust them off!

The thing about snakeskin this time around is that it’s not as sleek or as punk rock as it was in the early 00s. This time, it’s kind of… eccentric. I don’t mean that in a bad way. The juxtaposition of oddball and pretty is so very refreshing.

See what I mean below.

Python with Florals and Lace
From Holly Fulton, Erdem, and Preen.

Spring 2013 Runway Fashion Trend: Snakeskin with Florals and Lace

Patchwork Python
From Proenza Schouler, Erdem, and Preen.

Spring 2013 Runway Fashion Trend: Patchwork Snakeskin

Python and Blue Hues
From Gucci, Jeremy Scott, and Erdem.

Spring 2013 Runway Fashion Trend: Snakeskin with Blue Hues

I pulled a few quotes from Christa D’Souza’s article on snakeskin for The Edit, because they’re so helpful when thinking about how to wear this wild print:

“As a pattern it’s hypnotic, the perfect counterpart to lace, DayGlo color or even denim.”

“What we are talking about is accents: using python as a vehicle to urbanize a look that might otherwise come across as girly or bland.”

“Just keep the image of an aging rock chick in mind as a warning, and you’ll be fine.”

White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Doors

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Gasp! What is this? Black doors on white kitchen cabinets?!

Well, because they’re glass-faced and only on the upper cabinets, these black doors don’t look like retro hour—they look like picture frames! What a good idea, making your kitchen wares look like art on the walls.

Pottery Barn February 2013 Catalog: White, Black, Gray Kitchen

Pottery Barn February 2013 Catalog: White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Doors

*Images from Pottery Barn’s February 2013 catalog.

Squeeze and Squirt

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A friend of mine just sent me this fantastic quote from Bruce Shostak in a recent issue of House Beautiful.

“A small entryway is a great opportunity to use a dark color, like this terra-cotta. It feels like a big, warm, earthy hug, and you get a sense of compression that propels you into the living room—what architects call ‘squeeze and squirt.’ And if the living room is a lighter color, like this pale gray, the room will feel even larger and more airy, as if you’ve been hit by a gust of wind.”

Benjamin Moore Terracotta (Brownberry) and Pale Gray (Seersucker Suit)

A Handmade Home in Northern California

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This quiet color palette works so well in Hanni Liliedahl and Jesse Silacci’s Monterey, California home because of the wondrous variety of shapes and textures. There are so many beautiful things to gawk at that I don’t miss color at all.

Vintage Treasures Over a Black Fireplace in Monterey, CA

No Area Rug in a Soft Neutral Living Room in Monterey, CA

Soft, Neutral and Modern Home with Tall Cactus in Monterey, CA

Vintage Pieces in a Neutral Dining Room in Monterey, CA

Vintage Pieces in a Neutral Home Office in Monterey, CA

Beautifully Mismatched Neutral Bedroom in Monterey, CA

Wire Armchair in a Soft Gray Room in Monterey, CA

*Images from the February/March 2013 issue of Rue Magazine.

Spring 2013 Runway Trend: Checks

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There are two patterns that inevitably make me think of royal jesters: checks, and vertical stripes. Both were huge hits on Spring 2013 runways.

I’ll get to vertical stripes another time. Meanwhile, “check” out the varying checkerboard scales from Balmain, Alexandre Herchcovitch, House of Holland, and Acne Studios:

Spring 2013 Runway Fashion Trend: Checkerboard Pattern

And then… there was Louis Vuitton. There was only one message—checks—and it was wildly satisfying. Here are some of my favorites from the hip-to-be-square collection:

Spring 2013 Runway Fashion Trend: Louis Vuitton Check Pattern

I can’t mention the Louis Vuitton show without mentioning the eye-popping escalator finale:

Spring 2013 Runway Show: Louis Vuitton Escalator Finale

And their equally bold spring ad campaign:

Spring 2013 Ad Campaign: Louis Vuitton Checkerboard

If I were to choose one wild spring trend that I’d like to pull off this year, this would be it. Anyone else crazy enough to join me?

Blue and Yellow Retro-Style Boy’s Nursery

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This little boy’s room incorporates so many of my favorite nursery elements!, namely:

1) A distinctive color palette which includes light blue.
2) Vintage car artwork, specifically the Fiat 500 (my favorite).
3) Pattern above and wainscoting below.
4) Large-scale bookshelves with varying objects.

Blue and Yellow Retro Style Boys' Nursery, Adore Home Feb/Mar 2013

Blue and Yellow Retro Style Boys' Nursery, Adore Home Feb/Mar 2013


*Images from the February/March 2013 issue of Adore Home.

Fun Retro-Bus Themed Party

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It was so much fun coming up with a theme for a neighborhood family fair. Of course, no one expected a “theme”—they expected a flyer! But I wanted to come up with a concept that could be translated into… well, into possibility.

So I came up with this idea of a purple bus filled with balloons. It’s a little weird but just cute and fun enough to excite the kids. Then the idea totally lent itself to a psychedelic sky, so there’s that.

Fun Retro-Bus Themed Party Flyer

There are so many more printed components, but since I don’t like to leave original details on my blog, it would have been too much text to change. However there is one more thing I want to show you. Check out this bus “photo booth” that some creative folks made from my flyer. They e-mailed me this photo so I could see my design translated into 3-D, which is exactly the kind of possibility I was hoping for!

Fun Retro-Bus Themed Party Photo Booth

Colorful Key West Cottage

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Loving the key lime walls and pale blue ceilings in this Key West cottage.

Coastal Living Colorful Key West Cottage Foyer

Coastal Living Colorful Key West Cottage Guest Bedroom

Coastal Living Colorful Key West Cottage Master Bedroom

Coastal Living Colorful Key West Cottage Kitchen

*Images from Coastal Living.

Inspiration from Anthropologie February 2013

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The colors! The textures! I am in pain. Thanks to Anthropologie for making beauty so visceral it hurts.

Anthropologie Inspiration February 2013: Salta Quilted Jacket

Anthropologie Inspiration February 2013: Carida Ruffled Dress

Anthropologie Inspiration February 2013: Embroidered Savena Scarf

Anthropologie Inspiration February 2013: Peony Charlie Trousers

Hip Hop Boy Loves Afghani Girl

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I was asked to create a tongue-in-cheek silhouette image of a couple for their wedding day. It was supposed to be literal, but I was certain it was overdone and that I’d be asked to try again.

It turns out it was exactly what my client wanted. She was ecstatic about the result and couldn’t wait to show the couple. But, unfortunately, the groom wasn’t all that thrilled. He also thought it was too literal and just wasn’t feeling the caricature of himself.

This happens in my work sometimes. I’ll feel apprehensive about what a client is asking and try to push back (if it seems appropriate), but if that fails I do my best to deliver.

But what’s interesting about those projects is that, 90% of the time, the client’s apprehension eventually meets mine and the idea gets scrapped completely.

So here’s my most recent scrap.

Hip Hop Boy and Afghani Girl Silhouette Clip Art