Shopping Diet: Last Day!

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I’ve been M.I.A. because someone introduced me to a group of girls called the Pretty Little Liars, and I’ve been spending all of my free time watching them obsessively. I’m almost done with Season 2.

However, today is a significant enough day that I should probably stop stalking these girls long enough to commemorate this milestone:

As of midnight tonight, my shopping diet is officially over!

I can’t believe I did it. An entire year has passed since I last bought myself any clothing or accessories whatsoever. But in just a few hours, I can shop if I want to! Woo hoo!

Though, to be honest, I don’t really want to. It would be fun to see how long I could keep going, wouldn’t it? However, considering that everything in my closet looks so tired, it seems that buying a few new items would give my wardrobe a much-needed jolt of energy.

So, mall tomorrow?

Bright Green and Orange Farmhouse

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This 1860s Pennsylvania farmhouse, owned by Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Kate White and her family, has such a joyful color palette. I think if I lived in this apple-green and mango space, I’d wake up every morning with a smile.

Kate White's 1860s Pennsylvania Farmhouse Apple Green Entryway

Kate White's 1860s Pennsylvania Farmhouse Apple Green Stairway

Kate White's 1860s Pennsylvania Farmhouse Apple Green Living Room

Kate White's 1860s Pennsylvania Farmhouse Apple Green Living Room

Kate White's 1860s Pennsylvania Farmhouse Apricot Orange Hallway

Kate White's 1860s Pennsylvania Farmhouse White Bedroom

*Images from Country Living.

Purple Kitchen Countertops

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Not just purple countertops. Purple countertops with round, gold tile backsplash and red-orange window trim. If you would’ve asked me, I would’ve called you crazy. But that was before I saw this detail shot from Jane Pettersen’s Canberra, Australia kitchen.

Um, wow.

Pale Purple Kitchen Countertop, Round Gold-Tile Backsplash, Red Window Trim

*Image from Adore Home magazine.

F for Ferragamo

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While admiring a friend’s new Ferragamo cosmetic bag, I gasped when I realized that the logo, when turned on its side, makes an abstract F. See?

Salvatore Ferragamo Logo Makes an F shape

How have I not noticed this before? Now I understand why the Ferragamo logo is so often placed vertically.

Soft and Swingy Leather Dress with Spiky Neckline

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It has been a while since I’ve posted one of these.

This would be a great fall dress. Tough leather softened up by the flirty shape of the skirt, accented by a spiky geometric neckline to give it pizzazz.

Soft and Swingy Leather Dress with Spiky Geometric Neckline

I want to wear it with a cocoon cardigan, teetering high heels, and a spiky bracelet.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: Window-Check

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Tartans and plaids always reappear in the fall. I’m a huge fan, but it’s predictable nonetheless.

So I was very excited to see that a handful of designers embraced window-check this season. It’s a fresher print (and a throwback to the early ‘90s), so it looks way cooler.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: Window-Checks, Squares, Plaids

My Simple Closet

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A phrase I hear regularly: “You must have sooo many clothes.”

My usual response goes something like, “Actually, I really don’t. I have a very minimal wardrobe.”

Which is usually followed by unconvinced eye-rolling.

Today I want to show that I do, in fact, have a very minimal wardrobe! So here it is; my entire closet, apart from a jacket hanging in the hallway, and my wedding dress and three pairs of shoes that are stored at my parents’ house:

My Simple But Stylish Closet -- A Fashionista's Minimal Wardrobe

People find it hard to believe that someone as obsessed with fashion as I am would be able to live with such a small wardrobe. Well, admittedly, this is the smallest it has ever been. Though I’ve always hated living excessively, over the years I’ve pared down my closet more than ever, so this is small even by my standards.

Also, I don’t have an American-sized closet. I’m living in a tiny, fully-furnished, Mediterranean apartment with three other people, so there isn’t much room for me to go crazy. I’m trying to stay within my spatial means. Perhaps if we were back in the U.S. my wardrobe would grow with the space.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, you might be looking at my bare closet and thinking that I must dress like a boring old hag. Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m no fashion editor, but I am known for my style.

How can I be stylish with such a small wardrobe, you ask? Well, I have a rule. I try not to repeat anything. Every single item I buy has to look completely different from anything else I own, and then I do my best to style it differently each time.

So friends are always asking, “Is that a new top? I’ve never seen it before,” and I say, “Nope. You just saw me wear it it last week with my paisley skirt, and the week before under my tweed dress.” And they look at me like I’m crazy.

And I look at them like, haha! Fooled you. Fooled you good.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Office/Studio

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You all know that I love a cohesive design scheme, so after you look at this home office, be sure to take a look at yesterday’s guest room. These two rooms complement each other so beautifully.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Office/Studio Work Table

The counter-height surfaces encourage standing and moving around.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Office/Studio Raspberry Sofa

Brilliant: the high shelf is lined with National Geographics. Now there’s a pop of color that’s easy to commit to!

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Office/Studio Fabric Storage

Bolts of fabric are stored in an industrial trash can and swatches on giant safety pins.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Office/Studio Bathroom's Chalkboard Wallpaper

Another opportunity to not commit: instead of wallpaper, the loo was painted with chalkboard paint and the pattern drawn on.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Office/Studio Inspiration Bulletin Board

One entire wall of the entryway is an enormous inspiration board.

These rooms have a very unique interpretation of a cabin/cottage, and I want to remember them if I ever have a house in the woods. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably never have a house in the woods (too afraid of bears and even more afraid of ticks), but still, I’m taking note. The rustic vibe here really works for me, and so does the unique color palette. Straight to my inspiration files!

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Guest Cottage

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This guest cottage is approximately 250 square-feet and successfully “captures the romance of camping out.” There are so many great ideas here, so be sure to read the captions.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Guest Cottage Canopy Bed

The designer draped plain canvas curtains onto the bed’s iron frame.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Guest Cottage Lounge Chair

Floors were left unfinished to emphasize the rustic vibe.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Guest Cottage Wall-Mounted TV

The walls are painted Thayer Green from Benjamin Moore.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Guest Cottage DIY Wall Art

The DIY wall art is just woodland silhouettes cut from vintage wallpaper and then pasted on kraft paper.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Guest Cottage Bathtub

The lid of the laundry bin was cushioned to act as extra seating.

Country Living 2012 House of the Year Guest Cottage Medicine Cabinet

The cross was cut from red magnetic sheeting and applied to a simple IKEA cabinet.

Tomorrow I’ll post pictures from the home office, which complements this guest room so, so perfectly.

Pretty Lilac Floral Wedding Invitation

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I really lucked out with Sooki and Sean* as clients.

They heard about my work through a friend and asked if I would design their wedding invitations. Our initial meeting was extremely successful, not just because they gave me a very clear idea of what they wanted but also because we really hit it off. We’ve since become friends, and they even invited me to their wedding (aww!).

Anyway, they showed me several examples of what they wanted. It was all very pretty, feminine, and elegant. Florals were a big draw, and so was the color lilac.

Here’s a sampling of what we did for their big day.

Pretty Lilac Floral Engagement Announcement and Bridal Shower Invites by Mojan Sami

Pretty Lilac Floral Wedding Invites, Programs, Etc. by Mojan Sami

I was so honored to be a guest at their wedding! I really enjoyed myself.

Pretty Lilac Floral Wedding Placecards

*Names will always be changed.