How to Have a Minimal Wardrobe

Posted 21 June 2012 at 3:48 PM | Comments (13)

I’ve been working with Sarah on her wardrobe.

A stay-at-home mom of two with part-time projects executed mostly at home, Sarah has only recently started evaluating her wardrobe. After about seven years of pregnancy, breastfeeding, babies, and staying home, she is ready to emerge into the world of the living. Which means no more loungewear outside of the house!

We started by talking about her goals for dressing. What are her daily activities? How often does she dress down, or dress up? How does she want to dress? Who does she want to be?

Then we threw out out everything that was stained, ripped, dated, ill-fitting, and pieces that no longer reflect who she is. That exercise left very few pieces left in her wardrobe. Very few: about eight items total.

And it turns out that she liked it that way. She preferred a simple, minimal wardrobe. So we talked about what pieces she should look for to build her most minimal wardrobe possible, and here’s what I suggested for her lifestyle.

Polyvore: You Can Have a Simple, Minimal Wardrobe

Clearly, this won’t work for everyone—if you have a formal job, for example, I might add another pair of pants, a skirt, a dress, and a jacket. But I think it’s a good starting point for a basic closet.

Also keep in mind that I’m a bit of a clothes horse. These days many people are talking about the 10-piece wardrobe—which usually consists of black and more black—but I’d die with those limitations. I value color and trend, so my minimal wardrobe has to have a little more variety or I’d lose my mind.

That said, the number of outfit options on this wardrobe board are amazing! Short-sleeve tee over long-sleeve tee, dress over blouse—you have to be willing to think outside the ordinary to make a minimal wardrobe work.

Sarah and I have gone shopping several times and she’s on her way to minimalist bliss. I love it!

If you’ve been inspired by this blog post, I’d love to hear from you.

Design Inspiration from Kritsa, Crete

Posted 14 June 2012 at 8:30 PM | Comments (5)

I’ve been back from Crete for almost a month now, but since that trip I’ve had to re-prioritize some things and my blog has taken a backseat. I don’t plan to stop blogging, but it may be sporadic for a while. Who knows—nothing is certain while I try to finish the other projects that are taking priority.

Anyhoozers. I should at least start sharing photos of my trip, right? Here are a few, all taken in the small village of Kritsa, which, like every Greek village, has plenty of design inspiration in every tiny nook and hidden cranny.

Colorful Clothespins Hanging on the Line in Kritsa, Crete, Greece

Aqua Window Shutters and Red Flowers in Kritsa, Crete, Greece

Winding Street and a Windy Tree in Kritsa, Crete, Greece

Painted Clover-Leaf Arched Church Window in Kritsa, Crete, Greece

Painted Turquoise Window Shutters in Kritsa, Crete, Greece

I’ll try to post more tomorrow. Cross your fingers.