Clearance… Heaven?

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It’s kind of killing me that I can’t shop right now, considering the amazing clearance sales going on and that I could actually use so many of the items I’m seeing. Seriously! I’m cold and don’t have enough sweaters; many of my clothes are falling apart, and nothing fits right. I want new clothes. Am I going to fail my one-year shopping diet?

Oh, if only I could click right now…

Hot Clothing Deals and Sales for January 11, 2012

I’m feeling hopelessly frustrated yet highly amused with myself. Think I’ll make it through the next seven and-a-half months?! Please tell me it’ll be easy! Ugh!

Community Center Library Promotion

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I mentioned that I was working on a promotion for a community center library. Here’s what I have so far:

Reading Makes You Smarter Community Center Library Promotion

There will be several different promotional pieces that tout their different categories. I’m having so much fun with it!

Spring 2012 Runway Trend: Round Glasses

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Move over, rectangle frames! Move over, Ray-Bans! This year, get yourself a pair of round glasses. How very quaint and 1990s of you!

Seven Days of Spring Trends
Round Glasses

Shown at Rag & Bone, Giorgio Armani, and Nina Ricci:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Round Sunglasses and Eyewear

And at Dries Van Noten, Bottega Veneta, and Stella McCartney:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Round Sunglasses and Eyewear

This is one of those trends that I’m excited about, because it’s actually reasonable. I need glasses anyway—both eyeglasses and sunglasses—and I can easily invest in a new pair and keep them for a few years.

The only issue is that my face is round, so rectangular glasses suit me better. But I’m going to give the round glasses an honest try anyway. That’s all I wore in the ‘90s, so why not now? Right?

Oh, if I actually do it, will I have to change my blog header and avatar? Hm…

Alright, that makes seven out of seven spring trends! I’m sad it’s over. I could really do this every day. And there’s so much more to cover! Well, I’ll give it a few days or so and then pick back up where we left off.

Spring 2012 Runway Trend: Statement Earrings

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Move over, statement necklace! Earrings are back in a big way. They’re beaded, bedazzled, colorful, geometric, beautiful or whimsical—it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re bold!

Seven Days of Spring Trends
Statement Earrings

Shown at Oscar de la Renta, Jil Sander, and Prada:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Bold Beautiful Statement Earrings

And at Missoni, Bottega Veneta, and Marni:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Bold Whimsical Statement Earrings

So now a let’s get personal. I love the idea of this trend, but I’m not sure I’ll get on board this time around. A few years ago I stopped wearing heavy earrings when I noticed that older women always donning them were victims of the stretched earlobe. I started buying small stud earrings instead, and now they’re my every-day adornment; wearing heavy earrings gives me stretched-earlobe-flash-forwards.

However if I were to get on board with this trend, I admit I’m pretty lusty over the Oscar de la Rentas.

Spring 2012 Runway Trend: The Drop-Waist

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Roaring ‘20s, flapper-style dresses have sprinkled runway shows for several years now, but they haven’t really taken off. Well, all that’s about to change. On spring 2012 runways, the historically 1920s drop-waist silhouette was everywhere. Yes, this trend is about to blow up!

Seven Days of Spring Trends
The Drop-Waist

Shown at Adam, Alberta Ferretti, and Gucci:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Drop-Waist Dresses

The drop-waist is essentially a horizontal line cut across the body and below the hips—a silhouette first seen in the 1920s. (As women’s rights were emerging, corsets were flinging!) Then, the drop-waist was big again in the 1960s, and again in the 1980s. Will this decade be next?

Etro, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Theyskens’ Theory showed easy drop-waist separates:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Drop-Waist Separates

Sonia Rykiel, Marc Jacobs, and Narciso Rodriguez’s drop-waist looks were sporty:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Drop-Waist Sporty Looks

While Giambattista Valli, Zac Posen, and Roberto Cavalli showed versions that were fancy:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Drop-Waist Fancy Formal Dresses

And Chloé, Céline, and Reed Krakoff finished off their drop-waist looks with belts:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Belted Drop-Waist Looks

Now, I know what you’re thinking. (Actually, I don’t—just humor me for a sec.) You’re thinking it’s not fair that this makes three spring trends that are harder for curvy girls to wear. Curvy girls, don’t deflate; there are plenty of trends that do work for you. For example, cinched waists and a-lines are still hot, and they’re not going anywhere. And wait until you see the new princess skirts that are dominating evening wear! I’m just focusing on a handful of new must-haves. You haven’t been eliminated, à la Heidi Klum.

With that, I leave you for today. Only two trends left to report—which ones will I choose? Come back tomorrow to find out.

Spring 2012 Runway Trend: The Two-Strap Sandal

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Those of you who are fashionably-informed have probably been yawning at my last three spring trends. Pleats, peplums—you’ve read about it on your favorite style blogs already.

Well, here’s one you haven’t read about. I’ve actually looked and looked, and as far as I know, no one else is talking about this one.

Seven Days of Spring Trends
The Two-Strap Sandal

Shown at Lanvin, Peter Som, and Alberta Ferretti:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Sandals with One Ankle Strap

Notice that these shoes have a single strap around the ankle and a single strap around the toes. They can have a skinny high-heel, as shown at Givenchy, Giambattista Valli, and Pucci:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Stilettos with One Ankle Strap

Or a wedge heel, as shown at Derek Lam, DKNY, and Carolina Herrera:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Wedge Sandals with One Ankle Strap

Or even a thicker strap at the ankle, as shown at Ports 1961 and Zero + Maria Cornejo:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Sandals with Thick Ankle Strap

Or be flat, i.e. fashionably appropriate for a busy mom of two young boys (eh-hem), like these amazing sandals from Jenni Kayne:

Spring 2012 Jenni Kayne Flat Leather/Metallic Ankle-Strap Sandals

Yes… On other blogs you’ll read about the colors to buy (white or sorbet), the must-have details (shiny metallic), the best embellishments (florals), and the hottest motifs (tribal), but you read about this trend first on Zing!

Spring 2012 Runway Trend: Peplums

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I’ve spent all morning trying to decide which spring trend to focus on today and finally decided on this one! Trends come and go and come back again—but I don’t remember this ever being a “must have” item in my lifetime.

Seven Days of Spring Trends

Shown at Cushnie et Ochs, Cynthia Rowley, and Giorgio Armani:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Peplums

And at Jason Wu, Thakoon, and Rodarte:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Peplums

A peplum is a short flounce that starts at the waist and covers the hips. Although these runway looks may not work for the everyday, average American woman, look beyond the fancy fabrics and sky-high heels—can’t you see this in basic cotton over jeans with flat sandals?

Note that peplums accentuate the hips, so if you want to minimize your hips, this may not be the trend for you. However you can make it work by finding a peplum top that also broadens the shoulders and gives you more of an hourglass, rather than pear, shape.

Oh, and my favorite? The Rodarte top. I so want to wear that with my skinny jeans!

Spring 2012 Runway Trend: Pleated Skirts

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Alright, onto Day Two of spring trends! You’d probably never know it by looking at me, but I love when fashion turns toward prim and ladylike. This is no exception. Pleated skirts are back! And they are bristling with the sunny optimism of the 1950s.

Seven Days of Spring Trends
Pleated Skirts

Shown at Erdem, Prada, and Aquilano e Rimondi:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Pleated Skirts

And at Chloé, Carmen Marc Valvo, and Céline:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Pleated Skirts

Notice that the skirt lengths are conservative and the pleats full; and they’re often paired with something boxier on top. My favorite is the one from Aquilano—I love it head-to-toe, from dress to belt to shimmery shoes!

Aaand if you stay ahead of the trend by buying a pleated skirt now, you can wear it with one of the prim toppers you bought this fall.

Spring 2012 Runway Trend: Bird Prints

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While the rest of the fashion world is already talking about Pre-Fall 2012, I had vowed not to get too far ahead of myself, choosing to not even discuss Spring 2012 until we were actually in 2012. I mean, come on, it’s cruel to talk about shorts and sundresses when we’re all still in scarves and sweaters. Right?

Well, it’s 2012, so my self-imposed restriction is lifted! I’m so excited to finally be able to talk about the spring runway shows that I’ve decided to dedicate an entire seven days to spring trends. Hooray!

Starting with one of the most delightful trends: bird prints.

Seven Days of Spring Trends
Bird Prints

Shown at Carolina Herrera, Kenzo, and Commuun:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Bird Prints at Carolina Herrera, Kenzo, and Commuun

And at Jill Stuart, Giles, and Marc by Marc Jacobs:

Spring 2012 Runway Fashion Trend: Bird Prints at Jill Stuart, Giles, and Marc by Marc Jacobs

My favorite is the Marc Jacobs dress—I love the girly silhouette and bold print. So tell me, are birds for the birds, or do you plan on wearing them this season?