Shopping Diet: Five Months Down

Posted 31 January 2012 at 10:35 AM | Comments (2)

As of today I’ve officially made it through five months of my shopping diet. Hard to believe, not because it’s such a great accomplishment but because I still have seven months left. Are you kidding me? SEVEN more months? I feel like this has been going on for an eternity already!

Although I admit I feel like I cheated. A friend of mine hosted a clothing sale last week, and another friend noticed that I was coveting a pair of jeans and bought them for me. Isn’t that just too generous?! And then another friend sold me one of her brand-new Victoria’s Secret bras (buying undergarments and socks are acceptable if necessary) and then she threw in a dress for free (which is the item I really wanted). So now I have a new pair of jeans and a new dress and I’m feeling a bit guilty about it. Guilty, and giddy. Ha… ha?

Anyway, I may not be shopping, but I’m still gleaning plenty of late-winter style inspiration from my favorite retailers, like Kate Spade:

Kate Spade Signature Spade Jacket Lookbook January 2012

And J.Crew:

J.Crew Looks We Love Bubblegum Pink January 2012

And Anthropologie:

Anthropologie Catalog Looks January 2012

There’s plenty of drooling happening over here.

Birch Trees in Bathrooms

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Alllllright, if I thought I liked the birch tree wallpaper before—check out my post from last month—I’m on the verge of obsession now.

These bathrooms from are killing me with their sharp modernity blended with the tree-laden design.

Wooded Birch Tree Wallpaper in Black and White Bathroom from

Wooded Birch Tree Wallpaper in Serene Bathroom Designed by Erinn Valencich at

So, birch tree wallpaper in a bathroom? Yes. Please.

Moroccan-Inspired Bathroom

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Ooh! The blue lattice stool from Clayton Gray Home that I used in my blue and white inspiration board also looks good in a bathroom.

Moroccan Inspired Blue and White Bathroom Designed by Alisha Gwen on

*Image from

Favorites from the Golden Globes 2012

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I know I’m a week late to the party, but I can’t not mention my favorite looks from the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Favorite favorite? Emma Stone. Where has this girl been all my life? She pulls off high-fashion so effortlessly.

Golden Globes 2012 Fashion: Emma Stone in Lanvin

Second favorite: Dianna Agron. She was on my list last year, too, but this year she wins for her absolute understanding of the balance between classy and edgy.

Golden Globes 2012 Fashion: Dianna Agron in Giles Deacon

Third favorite: Claire Danes. Surprisingly, she was also on my list last year. To be honest I have no clue what Claire is up to professionally, but she always shows up looking amazing, so there ya go.

Golden Globes 2012 Fashion: Claire Danes in J. Mendel

Notable: I also really loved Jessica Alba from head-to-toe. Despite her look being “safe,” it was also very, very pretty. And although Madonna ended up on a lot of “worst dressed” lists, I loved her dress, her one glove, and her entire look.

So… tune in next year? Can I say, with confidence, that my blog will continue on that long?

The Dress I Wish I Was Buying on February 5th

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The Jason Wu for Target capsule collection launches in exactly two weeks, and it’s so sad that I won’t be buying this dress.

Jason Wu for Target February 5, 2012 Floral Dress Print Ad

Jason Wu for Target February 5, 2012 Floral Dress Lookbook

Someone please buy and enjoy it for me!

Poor Ungaro

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I feel bad for Emanuel Ungaro.

The 46-year old fashion house just announced that not only are they unable to deliver their spring collection to retailers, they won’t be presenting a fall collection at all.

I didn’t hate their spring collection; it was simple, well-edited. On the other hand, I wouldn’t wear most of it. It lacked… well, street cred. There were only three looks I loved and wanted to wear:

Best Runway Looks from Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2012 Collection

And only another three that had serious potential:

Potentially Great Looks from Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2012 Collection

The sequin gown could have been so much more than this. Sequins are supposed to be fun, but this gown just looks sad. Maybe if the sequin pattern wasn’t so random—instead the sequins could have been treated like an ombré, as if they were falling from the bodice and collecting at the hem? And maybe if there were glimmers of color throughout, or a sweetheart neckline?

The second dress has this utilitarian/flirty thing going on, which I really like, but the bottom half, instead of draping nicely, needs a little something to save it from frumpiness. Maybe it should have been a pencil skirt.

The third dress is the most depressing because it could have been awesome. The embellishments at the top are insane! But it seems someone didn’t have the time to finish this one. It’s rocker chic at the top, bland and getting blander at the bottom. Ugh! So depressing.

Ungaro has been fumbling along since its founding designer retired in 2004. (Remember the disastrous Lindsay Lohan collaboration in 2009? Yeesh.) But even though I criticize their designs, I doubt that’s the main issue here. Maybe there’s some bad management (the company is notorious for its “revolving door”), and there’s definitely poor marketing: only about 1,400 people are fans of their Facebook page—as opposed to 131,000 fans of Salvatore Ferragamo, and almost six million fans of Gucci. Really, it all just seems like one big mess.

But I do feel bad for them. I feel bad for the brand that Ungaro himself built, nurtured, and sustained. I feel bad that a brand I grew up admiring may have already missed an entire generation. Most of all, I feel bad that I kind of wish they would float away quietly.

Or, perhaps better yet, have an amazing comeback. I wouldn’t feel bad about that at all.

Flowers in a Vase Birth Announcement

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I took one week off from blogging. Don’t you go picturing me on restful holiday, however—I was busy working. So busy! Overnight I went from having zero design projects to having ten; I just thought it was about time I start accepting projects again.

It’s crazy how that happens. One day I decide to take projects, and the next day I have ten inquiries.

Anyway, this is the first of several “my projects” posts you’ll see in the next few weeks.

Flowers in a Vase Simple Modern Birth Announcement

I like the simplicity of this birth announcement, and the contrast between cheerful color and quiet layout. Most of all I love the cute little icon in the corner—imagine just adding a flower to the vase when this family has their second child!

*Names, details, and photo have been changed.

Stylish Capricorn: Kate Moss

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Excited that Polyvore included my set in their Capricorn Style collection today!

Polyvore Contest: Stylish Capricorn Kate Moss

Ice-Blue Bedroom with a Pop of Bright Orange

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Icy, pale blue is my absolute favorite color (probably because it’s so clean), and my absolute favorite way to use it is with a hot pop of color in the red or orange family. Just like Leslie Klotz did in her bedroom:

Ice Pale Blue with Pop of Orange Geometric Quilt, House Beautiful, Bedroom Designed by Leslie Klotz

Hellooo, heaven.

Oh, and besides the color pop, Klotz was smart to use woven shades and a walnut nightstand—they warm up a very cool color on the walls.

*Image from House Beautiful.

Zebra at Home

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This is the one instance I can think of, at least in recent years, when a trend began in home décor and then infiltrated fashion. Zebra print may be coming up in fashion, but it’s been staying up in home.

I’ve been compiling images of zebra print décor over the past several months, from Adore Home, High Gloss, and Lonny, as well as retailers Horchow and West Elm. It’s amazing how widespread this trend is! And how incredibly versatile. See for yourself.

Zebra print wall-to-wall carpeting:

Zebra Print Wall-to-Wall Carpeting for Glamorous Bedroom in Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Wall-to-Wall Carpeting in Lonny Magazine

Zebra print pillows:

Zebra Print Pillows in Bright Living Room for West Elm

Zebra Print Pillows in Mysterious Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Pillows in Clean Chic Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Bed Linens at Horchow

Zebra print furnishings:

Zebra Chair in Black and White Office for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Ottoman in Pale Blue Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Yellow Zebra Print Chair in Glamorous Office for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Mirror in Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Upholstered Occasional Chair for Horchow

Yellow Zebra Print Upholstered Armchair for Horchow

And last but not least, zebra print rugs—some real, some fake, some cartoony:

Zebra Rug in a Glamorous Old-World Antique-Theme Bedroom for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Nate Berkus' Office for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in a Teal Peacock Blue Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in a White Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in a White Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Adore Home Magazine

Zebra Rug in Pink Wallpapered Bedroom for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Modern Living Room for West Elm

Zebra Rug in Tropical Island Living Room for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Print Runner in Clean Asian Office for West Elm

Zebra Rug in Retro Orange Living Room with Blue Couch for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Retro Orange Living Room with Blue Couch for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Retro Orange Living Room with Blue Couch for Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug and Zebra Matchbook in Lonny Magazine

Zebra Rug in Black White and Pastel Pink Parisian Living Room for High Gloss Magazine

Zebra Rug and Black and White Abstract Painting in High Gloss Magazine

So if you’re trying to figure out how to add a dose of retro glamour to your room without sacrificing edginess, I hope these photos inspire you to consider zebra!