Four Years Old

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My little boy is four years old today. Four! Crazy how fast it goes yet most days we’re too busy to realize it. Speaking of busy, I’m frantically getting ready for tonight’s tiny birthday party. Here’s a preview of what’s coming!

Airplane Boarding Pass 4th Birthday Party Invitation

*Names and details have been changed.

Favorites from the Anthropologie December 2011 Catalog

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Anthropologie is killing me right now. Killing. Me.

Anthropologie December 2011 Catalog Gauzy Mint Maxi

Anthropologie December 2011 Catalog Gilded Jacquard Crops

Anthropologie December 2011 Catalog Tropica Jacquard Mini-Dress

That gauzy mint maxi? Seriously? Do clothes even get more fun than that?

Halter Dresses

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Next time I’m shopping for a fancy dress, I want one with a halter neckline! Like one of these from Alberta Ferretti, Proenza Schouler, Chado Ralph Rucci, and Amanda Wakeley:

Fall 2011 Runway Trend: Dresses with Halter Necklines


*All runway images from

Feeling Sorry for Myself

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I’m depressed. My closest friend moved back to Canada late last night. We hung out until the last possible minute (2:30 am) before she left for the airport, and I was left behind, standing in the street, a sobbing mess. And today I’m dragging around like a zombie. I don’t think anything could put me in a good mood right now.

Not even if I was wearing this Chris Benz dress:

Chris Benz Fall 2011 Tiered Floral Long-Sleeve Dress

Nor eating this grape and apple pie:

Grape and Apple Pie from Bon Appetit Magazine

Nor watching Hart of Dixie. Nor buying clothes (which I haven’t done in three months, by the way). Not even winning the lottery would rid me of this melancholy (er, wait, I take that back. If I’m ever going to win the lottery I need to put positive thoughts out in the universe! Right?)!

But seriously. Goodbyes are so hard! I think I’ve had enough of them. The good thing is that, based on experience, I know that I’ll eventually stop hurting and zombifying and fill my time with other things (see above list).

You, Too, Can Love Chinoiserie

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In yesterday’s post I said I wasn’t really a Chinoiserie girl and then qualified it by saying I could be. Honestly, all it takes is the right pieces!

And actually—this comes as no surprise—I’ve always fantasized about living in an American Chinatown and pulling outside inspiration into my home. So I went ahead and created an inspiration board for a chic and sunny Chinatown abode. Check it:

New Chinoiserie Living Room Ideas Inspiration Board

The trick would be to avoid looking like my home belonged in a museum or theme park, so these pieces would need to be balanced with other styles—maybe modern lucite (yay), mirrored Art Deco, or Midcentury Modern furniture—though Asian influence would definitely dominate. I love how this home featured in Trad Home did just that, oh-so-subtly:

Trad Home Spring 2011 Chinoiserie Home Decor Elements

Trad Home Spring 2011 Chinoiserie Home Decor Elements

Lastly, if you love this look and want more ideas on how to get it, read this, History of Style: Chinoiserie, pulled from a past issue of Lonny (click to enlarge):

Lonny Magazine September/October 2011 History of Style: Chinoiserie

Shang Palace Paris

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I don’t usually think of myself as a Chinoiserie girl, but I am very inspired by these photos of Shang Palace inside the Shangri-La Paris Hotel. It’s a good reminder that I can love just about anything if the lines are clean and overall design steeped in modernity.

Shang Palace Paris, Chinoiserie Dining Room

Shang Palace Paris, Chinoiserie Dining Room with Mustard Walls

Shang Palace Paris, Chinoiserie Dining Room

I also love what Alexander Lobrano wrote about Shang Palace on his blog: “There’s simply no place like this in Paris, both in terms of the cooking and almost as importantly, the atmosphere, which so completely replicates the look, feel and tone of upmarket Chinese tables in major Asian cities that a meal here is completely transporting.”

Unofficial Thanksgiving Sweater

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This is the second year in a row that I’m wearing my mustard cardigan to Thanksgiving dinner! I guess I unofficially have a “Thanksgiving sweater.”

What I Wore for Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

The difference is that, this year, I went a bit crazy with color; last year my look was much more autumnal. But I think I like this look. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Mustard Cardigan: H&M. Floral Top: Anthropologie. Braided Belt: TJ Maxx. Purple Jeans: TJ Maxx.

Black-and-White Rugs

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One of the most versatile home trends right now.

Lonny - Bold Black and White Rug in an Otherwise Neutral Living Room

Lonny - Black and White Striped Rug in a Nautical Themed Room

Lonny - Black and White Striped Rug and Gilded Mirror and Leopard Print Ottoman

Lonny - Black and White Striped Rug with Ikat Bedding

Lonny - Black and White Bold Rug in a Shabby Chic Room

Lonny - Black and White Patterned Rug with Yellow Lamps in an Office

Lonny - Black and White Diamond Pattern Rug with Striped Wall and Red Chinoiserie Mirror

Lonny - Black and White Animal Hide Rug in a Glamorous Office Space

Lonny - Black and White Animal Hide Rug and Center Table in a Fancy Entryway

*All images from Lonny magazine.

15 Great Flat-Heeled Ankle Boots

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A few weeks ago I waxed poetic (hardly) about my crush on stiletto-heeled ankle boots.

Unfortunately, stiletto heels aren’t practical for everyone—especially not for my pregnant friend, Lorenia. (And not really for me, since I’m always carrying or running after a child.) So Lorenia requested that I find some cute ankle boots with flat heels.

Consider it done!, I told her.

And then I realized that flat-heeled ankle boots, no matter how cute, exude a very different vibe than their stiletto-heeled counterparts. Once you can accept that fact, you can appreciate how great they are.

That said, I found these 15 adorable pairs.

Polyvore: 15 Great Flat-Heeled Ankle Boots

Snow Cone Holiday Sweater

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When we visit my in-laws at Christmastime, we go to Christmas Eve services at their church and are, inevitably, under attack by holiday sweaters. It’s a Christmas-sweater mutiny, with sequins and felt appliqués on the front lines.

So I admit that this Net-A-Porter magazine spread, claiming that the holiday sweater is “officially back!” made me chuckle a little. I’m pretty sure that holiday sweater, the ones I saw in the church pews, are not back—and never will be. (Click image to enlarge.)

Net-A-Porter Magazine "That Festive Feeling" Double-Page Spread

Anyway, all this thinking about holiday sweaters inspired me to design this cheeky Snow-Cone sweater. And then after I did it, I looked it up and realized it’s basically been done before. Sigh! Are there no more original ideas in my head?

"Snow Cone" Sweater Designed by Mojan Sami

I should mention that my almost-four-year-old seriously objects to this sweater design. Is it a snowman or an ice cream cone? He says it can’t be both.