Planning a Travel Wardrobe

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Some friends of mine just left for Paris (luckies!) and we had a lot of fun planning their wardrobe itineraries this week. We finalized every outfit down to the earrings and shoes. We even started matching their outfits, so that they’d look good standing next to each other! Neurotic, yes. And totally GENIUS.

Before they left, I handed them a stack of index cards that outlined both their travel itineraries and their wardrobe itineraries. Read on to see what I mean.

The first stack of index cards were the travel itinerary, broken down by day:

Packing for Paris Wardrobe Itinerary

The second stack was the wardrobe itinerary, broken down by outfit:

Packing for Paris Wardrobe Itinerary

They could spend their airplane time matching up their outfits to each other’s (i.e. “We can’t both wear polka-dots that day!”) and to the day’s activities. They could even switch things around based on the weather forecast, for one. Take a look:

Packing for Paris Wardrobe Itinerary

Clearly I’d prefer to be in Paris, but I loved that being part of this got me as close as I can possibly be right now. So have a great time, girls! See you soon!

Bonnie and Clyde

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All week we’ve been trying to see the 1967 film version of “Bonnie and Clyde.” Yet every night my husband and I come up against some roadblock—like one of us has to run an errand, or our computer is acting up—and when we finally, finally sat down to watch it together, we only got through the first ten minutes before something else came up. Curses!

It should be noted that it’s a dynamite first ten minutes and that I’m going crazy wondering what happens next. So I did what any normal person would do while they’re grinding their teeth—I created a set on Polyvore.

Bonnie (and Clyde)

Now don’t you just want to be Bonnie Parker for Halloween?

The Trouble with Change

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For better or worse, I’ve always “compartmentalized” mass-market home retailers. For example, Pottery Barn is my go-to for upscale Americana beach/cottage. Restoration Hardware for high-end estate looks. Design Within Reach for modern/designer. Room&Board for Midcentury Modern. Z.Gallerie for trendy-glam. CB2 for young modern. And West Elm for upscale eclectic.

Crate&Barrel, my absolute favorite of all favorites, became so because it embodied so many different styles (both modern and traditional, sleek and cozy) but was always two things which I love: 1) clean-lined, and 2) inspired by fashion (not trend, but fashion).

Yet lately, that seems to be changing. The last few catalogs have leaned more toward Room&Board’s aesthetic—Midcentury Modern designs, whitewashed walls, and a lot of neutral colors.

Which—don’t get me wrong—is gorgeous, but that’s not why I fell in love with Crate&Barrel in the first place. Their catalogs are still inspiring, but not in the same way. Where is the richness in color, texture? Where is the drama? As I flip through the change is so obvious, and I’m torn between being irritated and being completely depressed. Because as far as I know, there is no other mass-market home retailer doing what Crate&Barrel used to do.


Anyway, this is the only image in their recent catalog that reminded me of Crate&Barrel’s old days. I cry inside just looking at it, because I’m so afraid it’s the last time I’m going to see something like this!

Crate&Barrel "All in the Mix" Catalog Dining Room

A Lady’s Imagination is Very Rapid

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The above line, as you may very well know, is from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Oh, Mr. Darcy…

Eh-hem! Allow me to segue quickly from classic literature to fashion (naturally).

Remember Kiera Knightley’s wardrobe in the screen version of Pride and Prejudice? A man may consider her wardrobe to be the furthest thing from sexy, but it is one of my favorite film wardrobes ever. And not just in a “Wow, what beautiful costumes!” sort of way, but in a “Hey, I could dress like that EVERY DAY” sort of way. Not only do I find these dresses sexy (especially with flat boots—swoon!) but practical, comfortable, and versatile, too.

Kiera Knightley's Wardrobe in Pride and Prejudice

Which brings me to my next point. This spicy orange dress from NAHM’s fall 2011 collection is so Kiera Knightley in Pride and Prejudice. Which means I want it now.

NAHM Fall 2011 Runway Orange Maxi Dress

Orange and Steel Wedding Color Palette

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Clearly I’m not the first person to suggest orange for an October wedding. So although I don’t win points for originality, maybe I can win points for the cake. The cake that, er, I didn’t make but found on the Internet? Alright, originality fail. But I think you can appreciate what I’m trying to do with this inspiration board—freshening up an expected October color palette.

Yes, it all started with the cake. Isaac Mizrahi’s fall 2011 show sent a “waiter” down the runway, carrying this elaborately decorated, three-tiered cake. Some asked why; I just drooled (over the cake, people! Minds out of the gutter, stat).

Fall 2011 Runway Isaac Mizrahi Orange Floral Wedding Cake

So I used the cake as my starting point, and the small glints of silver at the center of each flower established the accent color. The result is super stylish.

Orange and Silver Wedding Color Palette

Invitation: Watercolor Tulips Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas
Favor Box: Image from
Cake: Runway image from
Shoes: Martinez Valero Cimmy Heels in Orange Satin
Dress: ML Monique Lhuillier Strapless Taffeta Dress
Bouquet: Image from
Tablescape: Image from
Kiss with Confetti: Image from
Earrings: Briolette Carnelian Drop Earrings from

Dark Wood Ceiling Beams

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I’m always fantasizing about buying an ordinary house and turning it into something special. My husband has heard me say, at least a hundred times and in a hundred different ways, that I want to bring architecture into a mediocre house—mostly because a mediocre house is all we can afford, but also because there’s something satisfying about investing yourself in that kind of transformation.

Well, Design*Sponge just featured this beautiful living room makeover that I need to save in my files, because this family definitely brought architecture into their home. I’m swooning, especially over those dark wood ceiling beams and trim.

Design*Sponge Lofty Living Room Makeover, Before

Design*Sponge Lofty Living Room Makeover, After

Design*Sponge Lofty Living Room Makeover, Before

Design*Sponge Lofty Living Room Makeover, After

Design*Sponge Lofty Living Room Makeover, After


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My newest discovery and latest obsession:

Carobella Organic Duo

Nutella was always too sweet for me. Carobella, a carob-hazelnut combo spread, is slightly more bitter—and insanely tasty!

After we put the kids to bed tonight, my husband and I pulled homemade blueberry ice cream out of the freezer, topped it with Carobella, and moaned (with far too much zeal) as we polished it off while watching Bar Rescue. Perfect evening.

Pretty Lilac Dress with Red Trim

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If I had my own spring 2012 collection, maybe this would be part of the color palette. Pretty pale lilac, delicious cherry red.

Pretty Lilac Dress with Red Trim

As a side note, when I started this blog last year, I never planned to post these illustrations. Since I’m not a fashion designer, I don’t want to pose as one. Yet I admit—it feels good to have a place to store all these images floating around it my head! And now that I’ve started, this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite subjects to post. So thanks for reading!

Peek-A-Boo Pumpkins

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Oh my gosh, I am all over this! I’m not big on crafting, but I like a simple, inexpensive project, so this one is right up my alley.

Halloween Peek-A-Boo Pumpkins by Layla Palmer

Halloween Peek-A-Boo Pumpkins by Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage. Simple, doable, and adorable!

Navy Blazer with Blue Paillette Neckline

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This is what I’m fantasizing about today. A cropped, wool blazer in navy blue, with shiny blue paillettes around the neckline.

Navy Wool Blazer with Shiny Blue Paillette Neckline

If I was a working girl again, I’d wear it with a caramel tweed pencil skirt. But as a stay-at-home mom, I’d wear it with skinny distressed jeans and a relaxed gray tee underneath. Seriously, where’s that robot tailor?