Call It Spring?

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The styling contests I’m entering at Polyvore are to promote JCPenney’s new line of shoes and handbags, Call It Spring.

Formerly Spring (a copyright issue forced the name change), Call It Spring is actually an ALDO Group brand, but its product is “younger” and less expensive than the original.

And I admit that the name, Call It Spring, really irks me.

Now, as a disclaimer, I don’t have a problem with either ALDO or JCPenney. I love ALDO. I have three pairs of their shoes and always get a little giddy perusing their website. And while I haven’t shopped at JCPenney in years (but I’ve been living overseas for almost five), I applaud their recent designer collaborations and am hoping they do really well.

So! Down to the critique. The main thing that really bothers me about Call It Spring is the unintentional focus on the seasonal spring. It conjures up images of sandals and florals and long hair bouncing around in grassy meadows. I’m sure ALDO realized this, which is why they—brilliantly, I might add—began using the slogan, “Shoes for all seasons.”

And poor JCPenney, they’re launching Call It Spring at the start of fall, which is super-confusing and rather annoying, too.

All this got me thinking, as usual, about what I’d do differently.

I’ve noticed that JCPenney has no problem mentioning that Call It Spring is an ALDO Group brand, which means that it’s part of the selling point. So what if the name of the brand pays homage to the original? What if it basically says we’re the original yet we’re a little different?

What if they changed their name to—wait for it—wait for it—


Northern Folk

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Well, someone’s contest-happy! This could win me a $500 gift card. That wouldn’t betray my shopping diet, right?

Polyvore Contest: Northern Folk

Transition Your Bright Pants into Fall

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My contest entry at Polyvore, hoping to win $100!

Polyvore Contest: Transitioning into Fall with Bright Pants

Copper Sideboard

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I wonder if this:

IKEA Bjursta Brown-Black Sideboard

can be turned into something like this?:

Crate&Barrel Cirque Three-Door Copper Sideboard

Ochre Polka-Dot Blouse with Waist Tie

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I woke up this morning knowing exactly what I wanted to wear. Unfortunately, this outfit exists only in my imagination.

Ochre Polka-Dot Top and Taupe Brown Midi Skirt Fashion Illustration

You know, I could really use a robot. With just a simple command, my robot could process my Photoshop illustrations and produce my fantasy outfits within a couple of hours. Now accepting applications.

Covetable Cuffs

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If I was buying only one piece of jewelry this fall, it would be a sculptural gold cuff. Wonder Woman, eat your heart out.

Sculptural Gold Cuff Bracelets Fall 2011

Celebrity Library Style

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If he had to choose, my husband would probably prefer a library over a bedroom.

I, on the other hand, am an obsessive minimalist, so a small shelf is enough for me—I can get any extra books at the public library and then gaily return them.

So while I enjoyed this article, “20 Celebrities with Stunning Home Libraries,” I wasn’t drooling. Collecting stuff, even when it’s well-organized, just isn’t my thing. But if I had to choose, Julianne Moore’s West Village library is definitely more my style.

Celebrity Home Library (and Office): Julianne Moore

I showed the article to my husband. So he read it. Then I asked which was more his style.

He said the Hearst library. Of course.

Celebrity Home Library: William Randolph Hearst

Design Charting

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Yesterday, Co.Design posted a veeery interesting infographic chart, “America’s 50 Most Influential Designers.” It covers the entire scope, from graphic designers to fashion designers to architects.

I’m not familiar with all the designers on this list, and the ones I am familiar with, I don’t necessarily agree that they belong in the top 50, but (nerd alert) I can definitely appreciate a well-designed, easy-to-read-and-understand chart!

Co.Design Infographic Chart: America's 50 Most Influential Designers 2011

In two seconds, I knew who the top designers are, which industry they’ve influenced, and which industry they cross over to. If only all infographics were this easy! We’d never get lost at a bus stop in Queens! (Granted, that was years ago—hopefully things have improved since.)

Peachy Perfection

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Today I’m wearing a wrap tee in the most delicious shade of peach you’ve ever seen (thank you, J.Crew Crosstown Tee in Georgia Peach). It’s simple and lovely when paired with cropped black pants, black gladiator sandals, and gold filigree chandelier earrings.

Peach Wrap Tee With Cropped Black Pants

But this color, oh this color…! It makes me want to be somewhere else. Oh, I don’t know, like Lima. Lima, Peru. Like here:

Me in Historic Lima Photo Fantasy

And here:

Me in Historic Lima Photo Fantasy

And definitely here:

Me in Historic Lima Photo Fantasy

*Photographs of Lima by Eve Andersson.

Piperlime’s Fall 2011 Trend Guide

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Great little trend guide from Piperlime. (Click image to enlarge.)

Piperlime's Fall 2011 Fashion Trend Guide

I’d say I was aiming for one of each in my closet, but too late for that! No shopping for me. Sniffle.