Acid Green and Dirty Aqua

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Hello, amazing color combination.

The April issue of Matchbook magazine featured this table setting for a Californian garden party. The colors alone make me think of antique damask fabrics and Louis XV arm chairs, and in those patterns they make me think of the 1950s (dotty aqua) and 60s (geometric green), but altogether they feel so casual-chic and so now.

Table Linens from "Garden Party," Matchbook Magazine April 2011

I don’t know what I’m going to use this color combination for yet, but you better believe I’m going to use it for something!

Acid Green and Dirty Aqua Color Palette

The Kids Are All-White

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I was just flipping through Crate&Barrel’s spring catalog and see that they’ve been bitten by the all-white bug, like fashion designers Ralph Lauren, Narciso Rodriguez, Dolce & Gabbana, and Michael Kors.

From the runway:

All-White Looks from the Spring 2011 Runway

From Crate&Barrel:

All-White Products from Crate&Barrel's Spring 2011 Catalog

All-White Living Room from Crate&Barrel's Spring 2011 Catalog

All-White Dining Room from Crate&Barrel's Spring 2011 Catalog

I know that all-white living doesn’t make a lot of sense for families with small children—it just invites trouble. That’s why I love this image. The chairs look like they can be wiped clean. No white upholstery and no white rug means no big risk! Smart thinking, C&B:

All-White Dining Room from Crate&Barrel's Spring 2011 Catalog

This whole post reminds me of Sex and the City. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes, but a quote from one of them has had me giggling for years. “We’ve got an ass-on-white-couch situation!”

*Runway images from

Lost in Space Birthday Invitation

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Nadia turned six yesterday, and she rang in the celebration with a “lost in space” themed birthday party. Adorable, right?

When her mom asked me to design the invitations, she said she wanted something fun and girly. So “Nadia’s outer space” is made up of pink stars and pretty swirls, cute spacecraft, and pink and teal accents (her favorite colors).

Lost in Space 6th Birthday Invitation

Getting the concept right was actually quite funny. The first draft had Nadia sitting in the spaceship, but that basically made her the alien. So the second draft had Nadia sitting next to an alien, but the imagery still seemed peculiar. I finally got it right with the third try: the alien in the spaceship and Nadia as the space explorer. This pulls everything together—now the spaceship “spotlight” makes sense, the rocket has purpose, the swirls echo the astronaut’s “rope,” and the poem is relevant.

Lost in Space 6th Birthday Invitation

Oh, and this morning I received a little surprise: a photo of the birthday cake, inspired by the invitation! I love it.

Lost in Space 6th Birthday Cake

Evening in Essex Boxy Backpack

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Whee! I just bought my first Petunia Pickle Bottom bag! Normally $170, I just scored it at their annual spring outlet sale for just $67. I already have a pretty great backpack, but this one is bigger, prettier, and more suitable for travel (which I hope to be doing a lot of this year). Thanks to my friend, Theresa, for getting me hooked on this company’s design sensibilities.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack in Evening in Essex

Now, I know that their slogan is “baby chic,” but don’t let that fool you. Their accessories easily go beyond mama wear and would be totally appropriate for any woman. The outlet sale is happening now!

Chinoise Wallpaper by Basso and Brooke

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Hey, I just noticed that the Chinoise wallpaper I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is pictured in Lonny magazine this month! I love seeing the wallpaper design in use (in Colleen Locke’s Cape Cod master bathroom) as opposed to a Photoshop simulation. It’s so pretty! I love the metallic shine.

Chinoise Wallpaper by Bass and Brooke in Lonny Magazine March/April 2011

In other news, I’m under the weather. This cold has hit me full-on (it seems like the tenth one this winter) and I’m so ready to be over it and back to doing something other than being mommy and blowing my nose. Fortunately blogging is like a little getaway, and the photo above like a bite of Sachertorte (oh, did I not mention that my mental getaway is in Vienna?).

Sailboats and Dots

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You may have noticed that, the past few days, I’ve been too tired to write entries. I think I’m on the verge of catching another cold, because I’m just dragging. I don’t even have the energy to play with my kids, poor things.

So instead of writing about this project and my design process, I’ll just let my sailboats and polka-dots party invitation speak for itself, and hopefully I’ll be back in action tomorrow. Enjoy!

Teal and Yellow Sailboats and Dots Party Invitation

Vintage Erasers by Lisa Congdon

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This photo really appeals to my love for parallel and evenly-spaced arrangements of stuff; for a monochromatic palette; for things that are both pretty and weird.

Day 1: Vintage Erasers Archival Print by Lisa Congdon

Someday this will hang in my studio. When I get a studio.

Best Shoe Ad Ever

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I completely relate.

Dieppa Restrepo Shoe Ad

*Image from Dieppa Restrepo.

Facets of Faith Logo and Business Card

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Faith, a jewelry designer, got a fabulous birthday gift from her daughter. Sensing that her mom’s current logo (purchased from a customizable template) wasn’t capturing the essence of her jewelry designs, she wanted to give her a new logo. Great idea, right? So she put Faith and I in contact a couple of months ago, and we got down to business.

Her vision for her logo was amazingly comprehensive and poetic. Three words that she wanted to see evolve from her logo were nature, joy, and abundance. She wanted it to express the desire to put love into her creativity. She wanted it to incorporate nature, or perhaps the ocean. Oh, and use purple.

So here’s what I did.

Facets of Faith Handcrafted Jewelry Logo and Business Card Design

There were several logo options in the first round, but the imagery of this one was both strong and relevant. The swirl around the heart could symbolize a number of things—creative energy emanating from love; ocean ripples; the natural rhythm of giving and receiving, a concept important to my client; or an abstraction of her wire-wrapping techniques.

When we progressed to the business card, I wanted to build on those concepts even further. So I used as few straight edges as possible by enlarging a swirl for the background pattern and echoing its curves in some of the text. Then, by bringing in a third color, apple green, the design became energized, more fun, and less formal—traits echoed in Faith’s unique, nature-inspired jewelry designs.

Delicate Sage with Ivory and Blush

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Even though I often push fresh and unexpected wedding color schemes, it doesn’t mean I don’t love a pretty and traditional palette, too. This combination of sage, ivory, and blush is so classically exquisite and so appropriate for the soft light of approaching springtime.

Another reason I love this combination is that it works well with either a sunny or rainy backdrop, also making it appropriate for spring’s unpredictable weather.

Delicate Sage with Ivory and Blush